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The key to an innovative Organization

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The key to an innovative Organization


The key to an innovative Organization
How to create a company people love

Working in and collaborating with organizations across industries, we have realized that topics that come up frequently are

  • How to become high performance
  • how to reduce stress and distraction
  • how to organize work and teams into self organization
  • how to make ideas happen (cheap and efficient), without interfering with the delivery. Because ideas are not the problem.

The hypothesis:
Happy people create products that customer love. Happiness is precondition for creativity and creative solutions lead to Innovations. And all that happens embedded in structures and processes.

Talk content

  • Scientific research and Lessons Learned on Happiness, creativity and innovation overview of Methods and Structures for Product Development, applicable for all sizes of organizations
  • High Performance and the role of a Healthy lifestyle
  • General principles that can be applied for all types organizations ideas and inspiration for participants to apply


  • Arrival and reception
  • Interactive Talk
  • Short Q&A Session
  • Mingling and Networking

About us

Alex Rios

Alex Rios CEO and Founder HappyForce, a successful Catalan Entrepreneur who build a people centered company based on core values like mastery, autonomy and purpose. He has developed a product and method for organizations to assess their employees satisfaction in a playful way. Alex is providing insights and data from what they have found assessing employees happiness in more than 100 companies in the last 3 years.

Sharon Ortega

Sharon has a background in the corporate world as a Marketing Manager.
She has spent the last years exploring food, nutrition and habits that lead to feeling better, less stressed, more productive, happier, and physically fit.
She focuses on natural, non processed foods, easy and time efficient cooking for busy people and mindfulness.

Sabrina Hauptman

Throughout her career Sabrina has been researching and experimenting in the field of Innovation and Creativity in scaled IT organizations and build and grown a network of thought leaders and practitioners across industries to discuss shared challenges about organizations.
Sabrina has spent her professional career in large scale IT organizations working as an (agile) Project Manager, agile Coach, Organizational Designer and Innovation Manager for the professional network XING SE,the biggest german ecommerce retailer Otto GmbH & Co KG and most recently for the multinational travel agency eDreams ODIGEO
Today Sabrina dedicates herself to Research in that field, sharing knowledge and building a network to discuss and tackle challenges that we all share and to spread ideas and skills.

Instagram, Twitter @sabrinahauptman

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Lean Agile Barcelona
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