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Start learning Software Engineering with our FREE online prep course!

Start learning Data Science with our FREE online prep course!

Have you ever thought about learning to code but weren't sure how to get started? Come meet other aspirational coders and explore the fundamentals of programming and develop an attitude that will enable us to quickly learn new technologies.

Each Meetup will be led by an expert who will guide us in a new skill or concept, and help us get started with programming,

Here are some example of topics we will cover:

• Intro to HTML and CSS

• Intro to Javascript

• Intro to Git and GitHub

• Intro to SQL

• Intro to Python

• Intro to Data Science

• intro to Machine Learning

• Intro to Deep learning

• and more!

We will also host workshops, panels, and speaking events for more intermediate and advanced coders. All levels are welcome to attend, whether you're interested in a career or pursuing code as a hobby.

This Meetup is owned and operated by Galvanize (http://galvanize.com). Galvanize is a technology ecosystem for learners, entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies that meet the needs of the rapidly changing digital world. Join the Galvanize Tech Community to get directly plugged into our fast growing community of engineers, data scientists, students, and more. http://www.galvanize.com/gtc

Past events (842)

Coding for Women by Women [LIVE ONLINE]

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JavaScript Part 6: Objects

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Introduction to Computer Science Part II [Live-Online]

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JavaScript Part 5: Arrays, For Loops, While Loops

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