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GERMAN COURSE A1.1 introductory (8-weeks) from MARCH 20, 2024!

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Alex C. and Gianna
GERMAN COURSE A1.1 introductory (8-weeks) from MARCH 20, 2024!


This German course is the perfect choice if you are new to the German language and you want to get to some level of proficiency quickly and naturally.

Want to become fluent in German? Tired of grey boring language school courses and all the bureaucracy around it? Looking to become part of a community of German learners in a laid back atmosphere?
Take part in our 8-week German programme close to the city centre and with a skilled teacher - now is the time to become fluent in German!

Our teaching method is meant to bring you to a good level of proficiency quickly regardless of your background or mother tongue. In this course we will cover one grammatical subject each week, supported by examples from German poetry, music and media. The class will feature "lecture" moments as well as conversational and interactive exercises from the very beginning. Your teacher will be Gianna G., educator and musician born and raised in Germany.

8-week German Course A1.1
From March 20 to May 15, Wednesdays 5.30-7.30 PM. (NO CLASS on May 1)
Taught initially in English then transitioning to German as quickly as possible.
What you need to bring: Pen and paper.

Price - all inclusive: 170€! (lowest price on the market)

Please note: The only binding registration is the one you make on our website. Feel free to comment here for questions and to join the event as a reminder, yet please don't forget to register there as this course will be probably sold out before the start.

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