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In sports like football, whenever an athelete scores a goal, you can be sure there are commentaries and fans cheering them on! But what about when you program some amazing project? Whatever happened to the E-Sports of Coding?

We've spent the past months grading candidates that have take our state-of-the-art Front End challenge through our expert evaluation panel!

Now we are inviting the top candidates that performed and we are going to go over their highlights - what they thought was challenging, video code snippets of how they did it, what they thought was great fun and........
we will have top expert developers from industry provide commentary and feedback to each individual.

The challenge itself was created based on real industry needs - see a video overview of the challenge here. Crafted based on the requirements of 20 companies in the industry in Norway!

We based them off of salaries consisting of 40,000NOK per month as a front end developer and where the most exciting places to work within front end development are.

In this event, we will cover
1. Keynote speech from Maxim Salnikov, Tech Lead from Microsoft, covering the lastest developments within industry regarding front end development
2. What the top challenge results were to this project based challenge.
3. Interview and commentary section from the top candidates that took the challenge (video snippets will be provided here) for the pleasure of the audience
4. Commentary from Top Industry Experts on the video snippet
5. Further courses we recommended based on those skills.
6. How we tailor create designed Developer Portfolio's for each participating candidate.

This is an event for beginners and advanced developers looking for exciting front end challenges or exciting job opportunities

During this prep session, we'll cover some of the best practices within:
• what the sections in the assessment contain
Routing with React Router
Styling Libraries in React
React UI Libraries
Visualization and Chart Libraries in React
Data Fetching Library in React
Testing in React
React and Immutable Data Structures
Time in React
React Desktop Applications
Design Prototyping for React