React.js in Theory | The Ultimate Overview

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Getting a clear overview of React.js can be challenging; both for experienced and new React developers. So where do you start?! Where can you get an intro that gives you the overview you need? About react. About the ecosystem. About the possibilities and untapped potential. And about how React really separates from the competing frameworks & libraries.

Getting an overview takes time. We'll provide it quickly. The information on the internet is scattered and all over the place. We'll make it clear. Join us, and get the ultimate overview of React.js!

During this short bootcamp prep session, we'll cover:
• state-of-the-art metrics & stats on React.js
• what React really is. Clarifying React and its purpose.
• how React compares to the other libraries & frameworks (like Angular, Vue, etc.) - both for good and bad.
• great resources for learning more.

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