Equatable Protocol & Meetup OAuth

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For the August Meetup we will be discussing a few fun things!

1) Lightning Talk: Synthesized Conformance to Equatable
We will be discussing some of the topics described in this article from the Swift Unboxed Site (https://swiftunboxed.com/internals/synthesized-equatable-conformance)

2) Exercism.io Exercism: 'ETL'. Give it a shot! https://exercism.io/my/tracks/swift

3) OAuth: How to do the thing that all developers should know how to do?!
For our Meetup Project we will need to communicate with the Meetup API, which means we will need to make authenticated requests on behalf of our Users. How could/should we do this? Whats an initial implementation look like? Come on down and find out!

4) Meetup Project: Where are we now?!
To finish up we will be discussing the progress we have made in the last month on our Meetup Project. We will also discuss new features, and future direction on of the project. So if you want to be a part of making something really cool, join us! If you would like more information check out our Github page here: https://github.com/learn-swift-winnipeg/Meetup-Project

What You'll Need (if you want to join in on any of the coding portions):

• A laptop, preferably running macOS, although Swift does run on linux so you can always try this: https://www.raywenderlich.com/122189/introduction-to-open-source-swift-on-linux

• Install the latest version of Xcode from the Mac App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/xcode/id497799835?mt=12 (macOS only). You'll want to download this ahead of time because it's multiple GB in size.

• If you don't have the above–still come and learn!

See you all soon!