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What we’re about


To connect, support, and inspire a diverse group of local technical learners to excel in technology careers through a programming language agnostic community. We want to give learners of every level a leg up by going beyond basic syntax and emphasizing modern practices for quality software. To ensure thorough, enduring understanding, we provide highly focused, hands-on workshops.


Step 1

Join our Slack chat. You can post questions and get help on problems (or just vent about them). It's free, and it's a great place to share ideas, connect with other coders, and learn.

Step 2

Come get free mentoring at our weekly office hours. If you’re brand new to coding, we’ll point you in the right direction and help you setup your machine. If you're more experienced, you can come to keep yourself honest about keeping your skills sharp, find other members to build projects with, or get help from mentors when you're stuck.

Step 3

Get inspired and learn at our monthly learning events. Don't forget to connect to other coders, work on fun side-projects, or find your own way to build your coding skills. Practice makes perfect!