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Updating a blog's design (Informal live stream) - Part 3

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Updating a blog's design (Informal live stream) - Part 3


Have you ever wanted to update your site's design, but wondered exactly what that would entail? It sounds so daunting, so maybe you've wanted to watch someone else do it first before you tried? If so, then this online workshop is for you!

Come join this informal live stream where Ben will update his personal blog's design while answering questions from attendees. In this multi-part workshop, you'll get to see the full process of updating a site's design, including:

  • Creating a local staging site of a live site and transferring updates between the sites
  • Updating a site's theme from Twenty Twenty-Two to Twenty Twenty-Three
  • Editing templates and template parts in the Site Editor

This is Part 3 of a multi-part series. You can watch a recording of part 1 on You can also sign up for part 2 here: Updating a blog's design (Informal live stream) - Part 2

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