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New WordPress Developer APIs: The Interactivity API

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Jonathan B.
New WordPress Developer APIs: The Interactivity API


The main goal of the Interactivity API is to provide a standard and simple way to handle the frontend interactivity of Gutenberg blocks. This standard would make it easier for developers to create rich, interactive user experiences, from simple cases like counters or popups to more complex features like instant search, or carts and checkouts. In this session, you will learn more about this new developer API, through a live coding example.

If you want to work with me during this session, you will need the following:

  1. A local WordPress installation.
  2. A text editor to edit WordPress files.
  3. Node.js and npm installed to edit a block plugin. You can follow this tutorial to install this software.

I will be using Visual Studio Code as my code editor for the workshop.

Audience: Developers
Level: All levels welcome
Where: Zoom (link will be visible after RSVP)

This session is being held at an EU/Africa/US Eastern-friendly time. If you cannot get to the live session, keep an eye out for the recording we’ll be publishing on and after the session is completed :-)

See you soon!

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