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Untangling Templates

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Kathryn and Ariel M.
Untangling Templates


Let's demystify templates together!

It can sometimes be tricky to understand how the different pieces of the WordPress puzzle connect: how do blocks, patterns, template parts, templates, and themes differ? When should you use one versus another? We'll untangle everything and help you harness the power of templates to create the site you envision.

Diving into the Site Editor, we'll explore the key elements that drive the look and layout of your site, clarifying the purpose of each built-in template. We'll look at some scenarios when it makes sense to create a custom template, and get hands-on to build a couple of them live. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a better understanding of the potential of WordPress templates, and be excited to play with templates on your own site!

Audience: Folks who aren't familiar with templates or their potential.
Level: Advanced beginner or intermediate users who have either never used the Site Editor before or are fairly new to it.
Where: Zoom (link will be visible after RSVP)
Co-host: This workshop was co-developed by, and will be co-hosted by Ariel Maidana.

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