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# As a business owner or entrepreneur, you are a vital part of the community.

Your importance extends beyond the goods and services you provide your customers and clients, the jobs for your employees, and contributions to the local economy — strong businesses help form the backbone of the community, making Southwest Florida a vibrant place to live and work.

Learning, Community, Business & Networking was formed to bring together community-minded business owners and solopreneurs who are interested in new business opportunities, new relationships and discovering new and exciting possibilities for their business while also partnering to create a significant impact on the local community through philanthropic events and endeavors.

Being involved with local organizations benefits everyone: your business builds a positive reputation and gains invaluable public relations and marketing exposure through community involvement, while local people know that they have the support of their business community and the help they need to accomplish their goals.

In fact, community involvement has become one of the most important facets of any successful business. According to research from Cone Communications, a businesses commitment to supporting causes is a key factor in consumers’ purchase decisions. More than 50% of consumers polled indicated that they purchased a product associated with a cause in the previous year, and 89% said they would switch brands in order to support a specific cause.

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