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Learn to Code - Together - Make ART using JavaScript + P5.js feat. Mind.Mingle()

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Learn to Code - Together - Make ART using JavaScript + P5.js feat. Mind.Mingle()


Mind Mingle & Learning To Code Amsterdam invite you all to a free and open workshop on P5.js. Learn how to use Javascript to create stunning computer generated art that's sure to dazzle your friends and family! No prior knowledge is required, our instructor will guide you through the basics and support you if needed! Make sure to bring a laptop because we are going to do hands on programming.

We’re going to learn javascript in a playful way - but it’s one of the main languages that powers the web! Knowing JavaScript will enable you to start building your own applications (once you’ve mastered the basics!). We will also spend time on how you can continue learning once the workshop is over.

09:30 - Doors open
10:00 - A word of welcome
10:15 - Workshop generate computer art with p5.js
12:30 - Demoes & How to continue learning
13:00 - Meetup ends

Learning programming by yourself can be challenging. Though the resources to learn how to code are more accessible than ever, it's hard to know where to start or to figure out your next step. But don't worry we'll figure it out - together!

Our objective for this meetup is to explore programming together regardless of your level of expertise or preferred programming language. So everyone is welcome to join.

What are we going to do?

Be prepared for hands-on programming! Coding is something you can only learn by doing it so bring your laptop. Don't worry if you don't know where to start, we have workshops for you to try - together!

The Workshop:

  • We will learn some basic JavaScript concepts and playfully apply them by using p5.js a library to make games and digital art
  • How can you continue to learn programming? We will give some tips and there is an opportunity for Q & A

How can you prepare?

  • Bring a laptop!
Learning to Code - Amsterdam
Learning to Code - Amsterdam
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Euclideslaan 60 · Utrecht
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