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Are you an ambitious, impact-focused leader who wants to take control of your growth and career development? Are you confused about where to invest your leadership development time because there are so many options? Growing as a leader is a lifelong journey, and this meetup’s mission is to give you the map and orientation tools needed to make your journey remarkable. We host events that focus on four areas: 1) foundations of modern leadership, 2) how to identify your areas to improve, 3) establishing a growth plan and cycle, and 4) becoming an effective learner.

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How to Create Your Unique Leadership Development Plan

St. Matthews-Eline Branch Library

There are more than 60,000 books covering some aspect of leadership. There are countless courses you could take, on-line videos you could watch, or articles you could read. How do you make sense of it all, and how can you identify topics and resources worthy of your investment? In this session, we’ll explore a toolbox that will put you in control of your leadership development. We’ll recap a framework introduced at our October session, then dig deeper into exercises to help you identify and choose possible topics to study, techniques to help you learn more effectively, and planning resources to help you use your time wisely. Growing as a leader is a lifelong journey. This session will give you a map and compass. Doors open at 5:30, talk starts at 6:15. About the host/speaker: My name is Scott Drake and I’m on a mission to make leadership understandable and easier to learn. I’ve spent the last four years studying what makes leaders effective, why organizations struggle to grow the leaders they need, and how people can take control of their own growth. In this talk I'll share what I learned and how it changed my approach to leadership development.

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