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What we’re about

This Group aims is to spread knowledge and build something awesome.  Join Ledger Academy in Princeton, Zoom or in the Metaverse. The Ledger Academy is a learning environment for you to educate yourself on everything Blockchain. Open 24 x 7 no reservation is required in the Ledger Academy Metaverse school. If you have just heard of Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies and haven't had the chance to understand them, you are in the right place.
Because we believe that No one should be left behind, we discuss projects on several levels in plain English. This is a public group and all individuals are welcome. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.
WE will look at BCPrinceton's GIVING CHAIN project as we are building a platform for the decentralized charity giving model. We highly recommend that you join us!
See you all soon! 
Bobbi Muscara
Ledger Academy