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Legacy13 is a San Diego based Women’s Mastermind Group focused on empowering women and girls. Our main purpose is to create CONNECTION; connection among the members in our group and sister groups; connection with others in our local community as well as our online community. Through these connections, we join forces to create positive change.

We host EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS focused on the empowerment of women and youth. We create a space to hold discussions around the challenging social issues that we face and ways we can come together to rise up.

GIVING BACK is one of our deepest core values. Together we are able to provide service, donate and make a larger difference in the lives of women and children. By combining efforts with others, we address the needs of local women and youth. We have partnered with the Equal Footing Foundation (www.equalfootingfoundation.org (http://www.equalfootingfoundation.org/?fbclid=IwAR3zzzoCS74ys0b-jFUDeurVYxM3ybWQchkJxo9dZp4HedHeSPmAtaKu4iU)) which is an official 501-c3 that provides us a solid foundation for our charitable work.

Our specific focus for change is centered around raising awareness of sex trafficking in the United States; San Diego being among the top 10 cities affected by sex trafficking in the country. Through empowerment, education and collaboration, we work to end child sex trafficking.

If you are interested in attending one of our events, please email us at legacythirteen@gmail.com

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Internet Intelligence Forum


Similar to Emotional Intelligence, Internet Intelligence is the ability to be aware of, control, and express our use of the Internet. It is the ability to create balance between our digital world and our reality. It's using Internet technology to create rather than mindlessly consume. It's securing online safety for our children. It's using good judgement to handle online relationships with empathy. It's setting boundaries and being mindful of how the Internet affects our well being. With Internet Intelligence, we can use the resources available to us online to meet our greatest potential, connect with others and build community to create positive change in our world. Our intention for this forum is to create a space where we, as a community, can discuss how the Internet is effecting our relationships, our well being and our parenting. It's a space where we can ask questions, raise concerns and share experiences. We are excited to have a life coach from Nature Unplugged join us to provide perspective and suggestions for restoring balance. We are all navigating our fast paced, high tech digital worlds together. We face similar challenges and share common fears. Let's join forces to discuss how we can optimize our Internet Intelligence to harness its power in the most healthy and innovative ways.

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