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}~~A Light and Earth worker's Crystal Healing Energy training & celebrating @ The Mermaid's Cottage by the Sea in San Clemente/Capo Beach, Ca. We believe in the Lemurian Crystal Healing Energie' and the Universal energy of one. A lot of us live here by the Sea or wish to live by it...It is usually an inner Soul passion or calling if you may. I believe one can feel the ocean's energie' and Spirit here just a little bit easier. No matter where you live! De La Mare'.. So to study, learn, teach, commune and Heal here with the CRYSTALS is greatly enhanced by the Oceania's passion. Long Life time training with Crystals, Energetic body-work, Psychic reading of the human body, Essence, heart and soul. All training will eventually add to your Crystal Healing Energie' Certificate. Remembering The LEMURIAN WAY. The full Certification Course is given @ regular intervals during the year.A true commitment to add to your healer's skills, be they new and budding or experienced yet yearning for more. I wish to have classes on going as long as folks will come..ongoing life training. One on one is available. Wed-fri, sat. I do prefer this, it can be customized for you after assessment of where you are at/on in your spiritual pathe. These classes will be done at the Mermaid's cottage or down at the beach by my home either in the morning or at dusk. Sometimes ending at sunset with snacks, bonfire and wine. I love Solstices/Equinoxes,big Crystal Grids/Mandalas, drumming and burning stuff. A few other field trips to crystal shops and a few mines for digging. We need to laugh and play with our learning of the spirit...because life is just too darn serious!
I am Debi McKee; 949-392-0409 d27mckee@gmail.com
facebook.com/debi.mckee13 (http://www.facebook.com/debi.mckee13)

call me for locations, times, crystal inquiry or just any question... nothing is too bizarre..

If you would like a Crystal Healing Session, counseling,therapy, learning how to meditate w your Crystals and truly feeling them or curious about my Crystal Healing certification courses, need to shop for a crystal, jewelry, oils or two please let me know! The Mermaid Cottage is open most days.I prefer to start @ 10-8 pm.1/2 day on Sunday, Monday is debiday. Ps. no witches please/no exceptions.

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Goddess Circle

Needs a location


Goddess circle!
It's time for us to gather again!
~we will hold it at Pine's Park down the street from the mermaid Cottage here in Capo Beach / Dana Point. 1st sunday of the month
I thought the need was getting louder so I'm starting now.
* an in person event with healing meditation circles and Share all with a talking stick. /*~
-I would love to make this a potluck, communal villagey, craftin' Healin' Hip-to-Hip connecting to our inner feminine strength kinda gathering.
~so we can start w a nice chat and discuss what's changing and going on in our lives and try to inspire and uplift one another. dress comfy, bring your beach chair, journal and we will get started.
It's a woman's world right now and it's time to gather, grow & connect our spirits and STAND STRONG! lets squish loneliness, sadness and our rattley noggins.
Things are pretty intense right now and quite a few have asked.... so here we go.
Topics will be posted that week and we can flow from there. I will talk a bit then make it open for everyone else to join. There just seems to somehow not be enough time to get it all out and share like we need.
bringing snacks to share is welcomed.

once a month, I will post the link, and update monthly
might have to skip a month due to holidays, appointments, multi events.
women only
just 10 for this day
Debi McKee

Crystal Healing Energy Therapy Session (in person private)

Needs a location


A Crystal Energy Healing Session
is a one hour on the Healing Bed w a half hour pre discussion beforehand of what you need and would like to grow.
* you may put anything into your healing: illness, chronic issues, spiritual shifts, goals, changes, love goals, clearing, cleansing, balancing, healing of just about anything.
*most say ,'I feel lighter, yet more energized.'
* extra hours counsel may be allotted for 100 per hr.
825 years experience
225 for a full session. the 1st session may be a bit longer, but many need the extra counseling hours as maintenance.

I also do personal Crystal Gridding for 150 where I can do the next healing remotely for 75. I have gotten very good at these and acan become quite powerful.
5 days a week. 1/2 sun/mon closed

*** I do offer private Crystal Energy Studies on many different levels: *I offer 13 levels of Crystalline Lemurian Healing Training of which at the end you will be a completely Empathic Psychic Healer & Reader. Knowing how to channel, have complete communications w/ your Angels & spirit Guides, functioning as a psychic healer for yourself and others. *Classes that you have seen but missed, or just prefer quieter setting * Mentorship and private Crystal Healings & Counseling to optimize Spiritual growth, past life Clearing and Progression. * Special bigger shifts more advanced personal progression sessions. *Crystalline Energie' Healing Certification advanced levels 1-13. 3 wks/3hr ea. *Specialized Tune-up/Follow-up counseling, clearing, check ins for Healers & Readers( May be done remote or zoom/FaceTime )
* Readings may be at any time , just schedule. 150

*Each session is customized for you pending where your abilities lie. different price scales & increments may be arranged. Tues-fri Saturdays/Sunday's only upon pre-booking. 2nd sunday a month.
***Inquire @ [masked] /[masked]

Lemurian Lightworkers: online Healing discussion, protection, safety,translation

Link visible for attendees


~~{{• What we'll do
opened up my ' Lemurian Lightworkers' training this year.
*****This will be the online PREP for in person group hands on Healing nights. 1 hour 30 min lecture then open question time. we can also discuss how your healing practice is going.
I believe that most of us do very similar work no matter what the certifications or ‘modalities’ are. The differences don't really matter if we all have the same intention: HEALING THEM w Spirit. But exercising those skills is key to development!!! Also learning and exercising protection and grounding is just as important as connecting to spirit!
**I would like a prerequisite of 1 Healing Modality Certification to participate.
*I will share my newest Crystal finds w you. you can sample & share their new energies.
*Warm up Meditation to ground and open spirit

  • staying current, intelligent progress of today!
    *humble yet strong w/out ego
    *we are constantly learning as we heal ourselves, so we MUST!
    *share commonalities / solutions in Healer session experiences
  • *how is your practice going
  • *are you getting clearings
  • Small fee to support the availability of the Mermaid Cottage(35.00)

• What to bring
Journal, Comfy Clothes, Protection Crystals, channeling crystals, High Vibrational Spirit

• Important to know
This is a venue to connect, Learn, developing relationships with like hearted people in your regular life,meet w High Vibrational Peops and keep your hands hot and Heart full of Spirit. You are not alone out there. I am here, and I support all Light/Earthworkers. we MUST SHARE. Building your Village may start right HERE. my doors are open, a safe space, a Sanctuary for healing all especially the HEALERS! :)8>O~~{
times are fast and evolving, would love to share what I've learned.
I will try to do 1st thursday eve of the month and the inperson 2 weeks afterward.

pay fee direct to DebidebiMcKee
Zoom[masked] [masked]

SOCGEMS Crystal Meeting

Needs a location

Annual SOCGEMS Silent Crystal Meeting 3rd wed at the san clemente community center..soooo many goodies for just about nothin'. Snacks and Fun! if you are not a member, you may join that night.( 10-14 bucks) these people are really cool, they know everything about rocks and you can learn a lot about a lot. these are my friends to go on random digs with. they also have the lapidary classes. Sally is awesome she teaches the Lapidary classes. Sheila owns the Crystal store in town, Designs by Nature. the auction i ONLY ONCE A YEAR in May. We have guest speakers on all sorts of topics non new age. But we learn real geological facts.

It's totally informal and you get bidding fever. (things start at .50c..seriously)

you may bring things to auction off also.

bring cash and a big tote. you can bring kids(if they aren't Psycho)

this is a free event

Crystal Swilies,

Debi McKee

text me if int. [masked]


Debi McKee (https://www.facebook.com/debi.mckee13)Crystal Healing Energy at the Mermaid Cottage (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crystal-Healing-Energy-at-the-Mermaid-Cottage/174872739196864)

****Socgems meeting is every month the 3rd wed @ 7pm

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Crystal Dolphin & Chakra Ocean healing Meditation

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