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This meetup is suitable for people are struggling with English for years

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Let's study English together for £3 🇬🇧 & Social event halloween 🦇 🎃🦉👻

Hi everyone, If you have been struggling to learn English 🇬🇧 for years this study group is right for you, because we offer a relaxed and friendly environment in which you get the opportunity to practice your speaking, reading, listening, writing, improve your grammar, pronunciation and learn new vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs by designed teaching material.

This group isn’t just for people who are learning English though, we love to welcome native speakers from the UK to share their knowledge and give us all an insight into London life, your culture and how we can make the most of our time here. We’re a friendly bunch and it’s a great place to meet new friends and learn about other nationalities and their cultures too!

When we meet?

We meet twice a Month

Time ⌚

From 4 pm to 6pm

At the end of our study session you are more than welcome to stay on in order to socialise and meet new people

How do our study sessions take place? 🤔
During the study sessions we split into groups of approximately 6 people which are formed according to each persons level in the language (Beginner, intermediate and advanced).

For 30 minutes the students have the opportunity to break the ice with new friends and practice their speaking skills. Everyone gets the opportunity to know each other better through general knowledge questions, and they also have the chance to improve their confidence by speaking with people who have been in similar situations to them but have now lived in London for many years. It can be of great comfort and provides an invaluable chance to gain knowledge first hand from people who ‘have been there, and done it’.

For 1 hour of study, they have the opportunity to learn and practice grammar, phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions through the distribution of personalized teaching material. Our on hand natives also pass on useful sayings which are used in every day life.

The last 30 minutes are dedicated to learning new vocabulary and pronunciation through fun role-playing games.

For all the length of the study session me and other tutors will be there to help you with everything

How much does our study session cost 💰?

To participate in this Study group the price is only £3. The fee is used purely to cover costs associated with the meetup group such us stationary, printing, teaching materials and books. Bank transfers are not accepted, cash only thanks.

Why is this Meetup different from all the others?

What makes our experience unique is that in addition to our lessons we prepare social activities such gastronomic experiences in different restaurants, sightseeing, guided tours and trips in London and outside London. Other activities and trips we arrange are trekking, camping, live performances, Theatre, museums, art galleries, cinema, music concerts, sport events, bowling, karaoke, dancing, barbeques, picnic, darts, wine tasting, afternoon teas etc.

Our social programme is full of opportunities to meet people from all over the world and with different backgrounds outside of lessons to practice your English, make friends and most importantly to have fun.

The main aim of Our Meet-up group in London is develops all aspects of the English language including speaking, pronunciation, listening, grammar, reading and writing but above all offer to everyone a pleasant and friendly experience during your stay in London. We realise how overwhelming such a big city can be and how hard it can be to make new friends, (we’ve been there!) so our aim is to make peoples stay that little bit more enjoyable!

Additional information:

If you have any additional questions or problems finding us please get in touch with me on[masked]

Polite note:
*Please try to arrive on time
*If you have RSVPd and you can't make it please remove your name from the list to allow others to attend.

All the best,
Priscila F.
Event organiser

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