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Calling all Party People in the S.F. Bay Area!!!

Tired of boring bingo-card ice breakers and awkward eye contact?
Wanna party as a couple but everything cool is geared toward singles?
Wish you could have the time of your life no matter what??
Yea, everyone else too!!

So Let's Get Social!

Calling all shy peeps, extroverts, singles, couples, and undecided! At Let's Get Social the path is paved as smooth as a babies ass cheek!

Guaranteed you're gonna re-flame that spark as a couple!!
Guaranteed you're gonna be thanking your lucky stars you're single! Guaranteed to have an AWESOME FUN TIME!

How about an event where no small talk is allowed?
How about bringing your child-like spirit out to play a game of hide-n-seek or truth-or-dare? How about winning CA$H or a pitcher of beer for your table!?

We're about to #GetSocial like you've never seen before!

-winners shot
-break out games
-no name name tags

Let’s Party! 😎

Upcoming events (2)

Prelude & HH 🍻 (hh ends at 6:00pm)

Lazy Dog

(Just tell your boss you’re not feeling well and leave early!) Ok Party People here’s a happy hour not to miss! 😎 Super caszh (how do you spell casual abbreviation style??) -No drinking games -No competitions -No winners shot -No ice breakers you’ll remember forever Just us Party People enjoying a patio LazyDog HH and getting to know each other. HAPPY HOUR ENDS AT 6:00pm!! Our reservation for 25 PP starts at 5:00 I’ll get a pitcher at 4:58pm for first arrivals to toast in the new era of social events w me. Come catch my vibe 😎 This is a prelude for the many Party People events I plan on hosting 🤗 -House Parties -Beer Crawls -Match-Making -Couples Parties -Game Night -Pool Hall, Bowling, and Karaoke Nights! I’ve got games, ice-breakers, and competitions in mind you’ll always remember 🙀😼😻 You’ll love it or hate it but I wouldn’t start this $h.t unless a ton of PP didn’t already want it. Let’s Get Sociaaaaaaal!!

Let’s get this started!

Mojo Lounge


Kickin this Meetup group off at Fremont's favorite Dive Bar! Back room of The Mojo Lounge Look for "The Winner's Shot" sign next to a shot of whatever the bartender feels like pouring If you like to meet new people, if you like to have fun, if you like to party, you have found yourself a PERFECT Meetup group to join! This might be our only low-key event scheduled so don’t miss the opportunity to casually mingle, offer unsolicited advice how to run this Meetup, and come catch our vibe! Singles, couples, and undecided are all welcome 🤗 Just make sure you are age eligible for entry 👍🏻 Might be a couple games in store but no pressure! Hey we’re just warming up 😉

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Saturday Night Mixer

Aloft Hotel - Santa Clara

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