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(Titan Games & Comics is now Level Up Games. We're still here!)

We play all sorts of games all week. We'll post events here so you can know what's going on, when it's going on! We've got nights for X-Wing, Warmahordes, Android Netrunner, MtG (Legacy, Cube, and Commander), D&D, and general board gaming.

Upcoming events (5+)

Legend of the 5 Rings - L5R

Titan Games & Comics Duluth

We can't get enough of L5R! Bring your Pheonix or Crab to compete for the highest honor! (Or just have some nice, casual fun... whatever floats your boat.) Tournament play will be announced soon.

Warhammer Skirmish (40k/Sigmar) & Netrunner Thursdays

Titan Games & Comics Duluth

Want to play some Netrunner? Join our dedicated regulars for some cyber-warfare every Thursday night. With the new Age of Sigmar Skirmish rules out, there are a few folks who have been duking it out on spare tables, so don't leave your fantasy army at home! More into the grim darkness of the far future (where there is only war)? Maybe not a fan of huge, 100+ model full-fledged 40k? Shadow War: Armageddon is a skirmish game from Games Workshop, with players typically fielding about a squad of infantry (or less!) and sneaking around to murder their opponents. It's Kill Team with some old-school Necromunda flair - and your fighters, should they survive, learn new skills with which to feed more souls to Tzeenc- er... I mean... Fight for the Imperium! We've got a series of six-week campaigns going for Shadow War, with prize support and bragging rights. Don't have a kill team? With the 15% game night discount, it's possible to get on the table for around $20. See you then!

Friday Night Magic

Titan Games & Comics Duluth

On Fridays we play Commander, but we also have a couple cubes that make their way to the store regularly for draft. If there's interest, we'll fire a Standard or Draft tournament too. The store stays open until midnight on Fridays. What is Cube? A cube is a set of cards that one player has put together, like any other set of cards Magic releases. They shuffle the set together and create random 'booster packs' to use for either draft or sealed. Since they own all the cards, the Cube can be re-used for free limited play. Cubes are unique creations, and we've seen some pretty epic cubes at the store.

D&D Saturdays - The Forge of Fury 5e (Ken's Table | DDAL Campaign)

Titan Games & Comics Duluth

**Those who played in previous sessions will have priority seating in this game!** **This adventure will take multiple scheduled sessions to complete! Consult with your DM about date/time of future sessions! Not a requirement to attend all sessions, but boy will you be missing out if you don't!** System: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Character Levels: Tier 1 (optimized for levels 3 to 5). Character Creation Rules: http://dndadventurersleague.org/start-here/playing/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***This game is run using Dungeons and Dragons Adventuers League (DDAL) Rules! All characters start at level 3 and progress from there. Once the Campaign is finished, youc an use your character in other DDAL Games! For character creation details and rules, download the free documents here: http://dndadventurersleague.org/start-here/playing/*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Experienced and beginner players welcome! DESCRIPTION: Two Centuries agoa the great dwarven smith Durgeddin the Black and his clan were driven from their home by a horde of fierce ores and trolls. They plundered the dwarves' ancestral halls and slew all they could catch. Fleeing his enemies, Durgeddin led the destitute remnants of his clan in search of a new home. After years of wandering, the dwarves discovered a great cavern system beneath the Stone Tooth: a rugged, forested hill crowned by a bare rocky crag. There Durgeddin and his followers founded the stronghold of Khundrukar. About a century ago, a member of Durgeddin's clan was captured by a powerful ore tribe during a raid, and the ores learned of their enemy's hidden stronghold. The ore chieftains raised a great army and marched on Khundrukar. In a hard-fought siege lasting months, the ores tunneled around the dwarven defenses. When they finally stormed the place, they put all within to the sword, then carried off wagonloads of booty. In the years since the great battle, various creatures have occupied the stronghold and used the place as a base for their raids. At other times, the caverns have lain empty except for the mindless and bloodthirsty monsters that haunt such places. Today legends of Durgeddin's Vengeance (or the Smith's War) and the extraordinary blades the dwarves forged in anger still surface from time to time in the lands near the Stone Tooth.

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