"Member Presentation: Facial Recognition with Raspberry Pi" + project advice

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dlr Maker Meetup member Ben Watt (and son Callum) will be sharing his experiences "Getting Facial Recognition working with Raspberry Pi and Microsoft Cognitive Services":

After attending their first Raspberry Pi session in DLR Library, Ben & his son Callum wanted to take on their own project. The goal was to incorporate the Raspberry Pi, GrovePi, Python, Camera & Motion Sensor & a Face API via Microsoft Cognitive Services. In this demo you'll see the bare bones of a facial recognition project. The process takes a photo based on motion, passes the photo for verification & outputs who it recognises and even if they look happy, sad or angry!


After the presentation, as usual, if you have an idea and need some help figuring out where to get started or what creative technologies might help bring the idea to life. Maybe you just want to bounce your idea off someone else? Drop in to the Dun Laoghaire LexIcon Lab where Dr. Jake Rowan Byrne, other "makers" and members of the community will be there and keen to help out. We want you to help make the LexIcon Lab a place where the future's in the making.

We'll also have the usual tinkering and sharing of projects and have these technologies on hand to play with:

Wemos D1 min (https://www.wemos.cc/product/d1-mini.html)i (wifi connected arduino like board for under €3)

Amazon's Alexa (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon_Alexa)

MyCroft (https://mycroft.ai/)

Raspberry Pi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi)

Arduino (http://arduino.cc)

Grove/GrovePi kits (https://www.seeedstudio.com/Grove-Starter-Kit-for-Arduino-p-1855.html)

3D Printers (https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-2-plus)

See more at:


Don't worry if you can't turn up at 6pm, you can turn up at any point during the session to either see what others are working on or if you have a question/project you need help with.