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    👋 Hey, discover how to master your emotional intelligence with a thought-provoking and friendly approach while meeting like-minded people from all over the world.

    Join us for a modern-day version of an 18th-century salon. Engage in an evening of meaningful conversation without the usual small talk. A place to share personal stories and to learn from diverse ideas.

    Each week or so we hand-pick a topic and 3 prompt questions to discuss with approximately 20 people from all over the globe, representing dozens of different countries, ages, and backgrounds.



    1. What food do you eat when you aren't feeling well or need comfort? What is your story behind this comfort food?

    2. When making a meal for a group, how do you take people's dietary requirements into consideration? For example if one person is vegan, do you make all the food vegan? Should you change the meal to the person with the most sensitive tastes?

    3. Have you ever not eaten food due to ethical reasons? Has anyone ever tried to change what you eat because of their ethics? Did it cause you to change or did you push back?

    ⏰ FORMAT
    [masked] - Welcome and introductory casual conversation

    15:30 - 16:30 - Discussion guided by the event prompt questions

    16:30 - 17:00 - Group Discussion with people from other tables.


    Diverse: it's not rare to have people from all continents, as well as people from different ages, religions, ideologies, and backgrounds.

    Vulnerable: we value real conversations, personal stories and experiences.

    Casual: some people are having tea, others wine, some listen more, others talk more, some are talking notes, others are fully absorbed in conversation.

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    "A melting pot of enquiring minds sharing personal insights" – Catherine Flanagan, Lisbon | LQA premium member

    "With forced distancing and confinement brought about by responses to COVID, the LQA meetings provide me with one of life's great joys... To meet with, share experiences, hear different perspectives from people of all walks of life, different generations, and different corners of the planet" – Scott Ruddell, Colorado | LQA premium member

    “Since joining LQA I have had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people who have a wide range of knowledge and life experience. Of course, before participating I was under the impression that one must have read tones of books, possess a higher IQ or even a quiz master but frankly, those qualities are not the ethos for LQA. I personally learned that it’s about sharing, coming together with all sorts of knowledge and having growth mindset to learn and hear other people’s perspective. Overall, I would highly recommend joining LQA as it will broaden your horizons and it will enable you to share your world views on a larger scale with like-minded people.” – Shah Karim, London | LQA premium member