Android Crash Course [Free Meetup]


Attending this course you will become familiar with the development of simple Java native applications for the Android platform.

Timetable:[masked] Mingling[masked] Part[masked] Break[masked] Part[masked] Kahoot!

The training material (slides etc) will be in English. The meeting itself will be in Hebrew. This meetup is for people with some background in software development.

This crash course is delivered by Haim Michael, who has more than 18 years of experience in software development, training & consulting. More info about Haim's experience over the years can be found at During the years, Haim has taught both academic and professional courses on C\C++, Java, Java EE, PHP, Scala, Android, HTML5, .NET, JavaScript and UML. Haim is a PHP Zend Certified Engineer, OMG Certified UML Professional, Certified Java Professional and a Certified Java EE Web Components Developer. In addition, Haim Michael holds MBA (cum-laude) from Tel-Aviv University. You can find Haim's training reviews at More info about feedbacks Haim received for his training capabilities at More info about conferences in which Haim took part and spoke at More info about Haim's experience can be found in his linkedin page at

Software Installation:
Towards our tomorrow meeting, please install the Android Studio. You can download it for free at Please make sure you install the Android SDK in a folder that its path doesn't include spaces and doesn't include letters in non-english languages. Once the initial install completes please give it a try, develop a simple hello world application and try to execute it on the emulator (Android Virtual Device) you can run on your computer.