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Kid's First Steps in Learning Computer Programming

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Kid's First Steps in Learning Computer Programming


This meetup focuses on the possibilities we have to expose our kids (and babies) to the very basic principles of computer programming.

Our coming meetup will include a 45 minutes talk and q&a session that follows it.

During this meetup, I will share my personal experience using various toys, such as the 'Think & Learn Code-a-pillar' toy (manufactured by Fisher-Price), the 'Duplo Train', and 'Lego Boost Creative Toolbox' (manufactured by Lego), and many others. I will also share my experience with programmable robots, such as Evo (manufactured by Ozobot), and others. In addition, I will overview some of the best apps (for iPad) I could find, such as the 'Code Robot', 'ScratchJR' and 'codeSpark'.

This coming meetup will cover the following topics:

Learning Programming

  • Why? How? When?

The Importance of English

  • Kids Learning English

The Possibilities

  • Babies' First Steps (1-2 Years Old)
  • Games without Screens (3-14 Years Old)
  • Robots + Programming Through Drawing (3-14 Years Old)
  • Tablet's Visual Programming Apps (3-14 Years Old)
  • Robots + Tablet's Visual Programming Apps (6-14 Years Old)
  • Keyboard Based Programming (8-14 Years Old)

We will focus on the possibilities we have when dealing with kids that still haven't reached the 'keyboard age' (kids that still don't have the ability to use a standard computer keyboard, and still don't know how to read texts in English).

This event will be delivered in English. If all participants speak Hebrew it will be delivered in Hebrew.

This event will be captured on video. By joining this event you provide your approval for capturing the event on video. The video will be available for the event's participants. The video might also be available for other people.

In accordance with the meetup platform policy, all attendees must be above the age of 18 (unless they have a guardian with them).

In order to stay up-to-date with our plans to develop programming courses for kids please check out the following social accounts:




More information about teaching kids how to program can be found in the 'Kids Learn Programming; group we run on Facebook at

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