What we're about

This group is for people who want to talk about the big issues that affect our lives. It is for people who want to take steps, no matter how small, to do something about the issues that concern us.

How can we live ethically in a society that promotes 'Rich Lists', yet forgets about the poor people in our neighbourhoods ? How can we live sustainable in a world where consumerism is closer to peoples hearts than compassion ?

Bring to the group what moves you, be it with enthusiasm or anger, sadness, wonder or joy ! There's too much smalltalk around, let's be the change we want to happen.

Ground rules and information:
- Please refrain from using your mobile phone during the time of the meeting.
- Please be on time.
- We respect each other and listen to each other, trying not to have more than one conversation around the table at once.
- Some of the topics might trigger things for people. Please be mindful of this.
- This group is open i.e. it is not focused on one particular belief system, perspective, view, etc.
- This group is not a forum for people to push personal agendas, such as trying to recruit members into a religious group, trying to market products, etc.
- If you say yes to attending, please turn up. One "did not arrive" is OK. If it happens more than once, you will be removed from this group.
- If you need to cancel your spot, please do it in plenty of time so that someone else can take your place. A day before the meeting if possible ! Not everyone lives close enough to get to the meeting at short notice.
- Each meeting is complete in itself i.e. this is not a series.
- If you would like to suggest a topic for a future meet up, please do so. Suggestions are very welcome.

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Enjoying the ordinary.

Little Turkish Cafe

Enjoying the ordinary things in life. We all enjoy experiencing the spectacular and the novel. This is great and there is nothing 'wrong' with seeking them unless they put us in danger or cost us more than we can afford. However, we can learn to enjoy the 'ordinary' things in life more. The things we see every day, the places we often pass through to get to our various destinations and the people we pass by without really seeing. When we are busy we become even more 'blind to the ordinary.' We can be stressed when we are busy and bored when we are not. These both limit our appreciation of the ordinary that surrounds us. Drugs of various kinds are often taken to alleviate us from these dual emotions. We could view this 'lack' as a type of poverty, perhaps as true poverty because many financially endowed suffer from this poverty as much as the less well off. Example of the potential awareness and enjoyment of the ordinary: When walking around our own city, pretend you are a tourist and experience it as a tourist would. Really look and listen. You might be surprised to find what you normally don't notice. Let's meet to discuss the above. Please buy some food and/or drink as we get the room upstairs to ourselves. Please change your RSVP in time for those on the waiting list to come if you change your mind about attending.

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How sensitive is too sensitive?

Little Turkish Cafe

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