What we're about

What we're about:

Welcome to Lil Feet of Plantation and Davie. Our members get together to make friends for ourselves and our children. Our goal is to provide a fun environment for our children to develop friendships, learn, and grow. Meetups are offered a few times times during the work week in the morning as well as occasional afternoon hours, weekends, or nights out. Our group meets in Plantation, Davie, and the surrounding areas.

We know our members. All of our members have been met in person by one of our organizers. We are looking for members who will be active in the group so there is a minimum attendance requirement. This means a safer playgroup for you and your child(ren). Please review our group guidelines below to be sure that Lil Feet is a good match for you and your child/ren.


Attendance Requirement:
Members must attend at least one event per quarter in order to stay in the group. (Q1: Jan-Mar, Q2: Apr-Jun, Q3: Jul-Sep, Q4: Oct-Dec) If you are unable to attend because the dates, times, or locations of events on the calendar are inconvenient, please plan an event for the calendar that suits your needs, and an organizer will post it to the calendar. Members who do not attend once per quarter will be removed from the group. It is your responsibility to message the organizer by the end of the quarter if you are not able to meet the attendance requirement but you want to remain in the group.

Membership Fee Requirement:
Required by all Lil Feet members is payment of a nonrefundable membership fee of $20 per year. New member fees are due at the meet and greet or by the end of the joining month, while current member fees are due at the end of the joining anniversary month. To submit your dues, please hand deliver $20 CASH to an organizer at a meet up. A list of organizers can be found on our website. Lil Feet does NOT accept late membership fees, so please plan to submit the dues as early in the month as possible. Membership fees cover website cost, large group events/parties, as well as supplies for smaller events throughout the year. If you are a former member, the $20 annual membership fee is due upon rejoining regardless of past payment. Feel free to access the Lil Feet money record here https://www.meetup.com (https://www.meetup.com/)... ( https://www.meetup.com/lilfeet/money/ ).

Members are encouraged to host events. Decide on title, date, time, location, and description for your event and an organizer will post it to the calendar. You may also place a limit on number of guests able to attend if you wish.

Home Playdates:
For the safety of Lil Feet members, before attending a home playdate, you must have attended a previous event to meet the group as well as the hosting member.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a camera and post photos from the meet ups. By joining Lil Feet you agree to allow photos of yourself and your child(ren) to be posted on Meetup.com.

Lil Feet encourages members to extend courtesy to fellow members in the RSVP process. A yes RSVP means that a member will attend. You may wish to write "maybe" in the comments section of an event if you are unsure if you will attend, rather than risking responding yes then switching it to no at the last minute. A "no show" is when a member RSVP's yes for an event and does not attend. Three or more no shows per year results in removal from the group.

You are responsible for your child(ren). That means it is your responsibility to keep your child(ren) safe at all times. Hosts, organizers, or other members are not liable for anything including accidents that may occur at any of our meet ups, whether private (in home) or public.

Sick Kids:
Please keep sick child(ren) at home. This if for everyone’s health and safety.

*We reserve the right to suspend or terminate membership of members. Failure to abide by
these guidelines may result in removal from Lil Feet.


The group organizer and assistant organizers must follow the above guidelines with the exception of paying dues. As a "thank you" for volunteering to host a minimum of TWO events per month, the organizer and assistant organizers do NOT pay a $20 membership fee. If the organizer or assistant organizers step down and change to a participating member, the payment obligation is reinstated to $20 annually.

Organizers must host AT LEAST TWO EVENTS per calendar month in order to remain an organizer. This is necessary in order to keep our group active. If an organizer cannot personally meet this obligation, the organizer will reach out to members and post an event on another member's behalf (and mark that member as event host when posting to the calendar).

Organizers must work together with collecting member dues. The group organizer is responsible for sending a message to each member during the first week of the month that dues are owed. All organizers may collect dues. If an assistant organizer receives $20 dues from a group member, a message to the group organizer must immediately be sent indicating the name of the member who paid. The group organizer will maintain a detailed record of dues collected (amount and date), and will also input this information on the website.

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