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What we’re about

👋 Hello,
We are a group of young adults living in Linz, Wels, Steyr, and the beautiful surrounding region of Upper Austria looking to meet new & old friends! Let's get together for fun and positive activities like: hiking, biking, skiing, food socials, game nights, picnics, local excursions, and so on! Feel free to make suggestions for anything that looks exciting! All languages are welcome, however for everyone's convenience, the events are written in English.

🤗 Joining the group:
Joining requests are checked on average once every couple of days.
Please consider the followings when joining the group:

  • you are interested in actively participating at the events of the group;
  • you are using your real name (first names and nicknames are fine, however please avoid usernames, numbers, symbols, etc);
  • you have an actual profile photo of yourself (any recognizable photo of yourself will do);
  • you live in Linz, or the surrounding region of Upper Austria;
  • you meet the age requirements: born between roughly 1980 and 2000.

✅ RSVPs:
Please only respond to an event if you can actually join it. We do know that plans might change, however, if that happens, make sure that you update your RSVP to a NO as soon as possible.

🤑 No Fees:
Running a Meetup group involves paying for the Meetup subscription. However one of the organizers decided to cover all the fees related to the Meetup platform.
Therefore, there are NO FEES for joining and being member of this group.

❌ Non-Affiliation:
We are not affiliated, sponsored nor partnered with any company, business, government, government organization/initiative, nor political party.

All activities are organized in our free time, no one is sponsoring us, nor paying us for this. There are no remunerations/revenues/perks.

The main idea is about creating real human relationships through active participation in social and fun activities. Human relationships are invaluable, that's why we want to stay outside of anything that can be paid for.

😎 Event Organizers:
We encourage everyone to be an active and initiative group member. If you want to post an event, please make sure that you attend some of the existing events, and afterwards please contact any of the active organizers: they will create the event for you, having you as the host / event organizer. If you enjoy doing this multiple times, you will receive the event organizer rights. Please note that the event organizers that become inactive, might lose these rights at any given time.

💚 Conduct:
All members should behave appropriately within the positive, friendly and social spirit of the group to both members and organizers. When attending an event, you should respect the indications and decisions of the organizers. None of the events are to be used for any financial gains or advertisements. You are entirely responsible for your own safety & well-being when joining any of the events.

It goes without saying that the followings are not allowed: thus no violent/sexual/degrading behavior, no trolling, and no harassment/hate speech/discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc). Be polite and treat others with respect. This community is meant to be positive and have a pleasant atmosphere. Negative language, badmouthing others, or unnecessary drama is not welcome.

🔍 Privacy:
Please be aware that this is a Public Meetup Group. Everything posted on the group can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection. Thus please refrain from posting any private information regarding other members without their explicit consent. Private information might be, but it is not limited to: phone numbers, addresses, photos, etc. Any complains will be handled as soon as possible, and the private info will be removed.

If you are looking for more privacy, please check the "Adventure Times" - our Private Meetup Group with access limited to approved Meetup members only.

🔥 Warmly,
Chris Alex & each and everyone making this possible

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