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Lisbon |> Elixir 5th Edition
Lisbon |> Elixir is back with some news! In this edition will be having two talks for both newbies and more advanced users alike. Speaker: - Daniel Serrano (Onfido) Title: - From noob to contributing noob Abstract: - Daniel Serrano is going to give a bit of insight into how he started using Elixir and went from someone who didn’t know the language to someone who knows a bit about it, while contributing to open source projects and getting more involved in the community. He is going to show how welcoming Elixir is for newcomers and how you too can start contributing today! Bio: - Daniel has been working with Ruby/Rails for 5 years now. He started out during college with small start-ups and then scaled-up his experience at Talkdesk and now at Onfido. He is excited about Elixir and he thinks it might just be the future of backend! Speaker: - André Freitas (Talkdesk) Title: - How to deal with back-pressure events in Elixir Abstract: - Elixir provides GenStage, a behaviour for exchanging events with back-pressure between Elixir processes. In this talk André will show how you can use GenStage and talk how we are using it to build the Data Platform at Talkdesk. Bio: - André Freitas is from Madeira Island and is a Software Engineer at Talkdesk where he is building a Data Platform. In the last years, he founded and sold a company, worked for NDrive, collaborated with Google as Student Ambassador and was an active IEEE volunteer. Loves to code in Ruby, Python, Go and started learning Elixir in the last months. Schedule: 6:30PM - 7:00PM - Registration 7:00PM - 7:45PM - Daniel Serrano's Talk 7:45PM - 8:00PM - Coffee Break 8:00PM - 8:45PM - André Freita's Talk Take the opportunity to mingle, network and share experiences!


R. Tierno Galvan, Torre 3, Amoreiras · Lisbon

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