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Back Elysium - 1$ Helps - Your Second Life Home Paradise Awaits

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Carlos L.
Back Elysium - 1$ Helps - Your Second Life Home Paradise Awaits


Help create a unique community where people can run events and projects with zero cost in Second Life

>>> Donate via Paypal - Here
>>> Donate via Mbway - 910710142

You get special land access privileges

Why Join Elysium Project

Help complete this remarkable journey to Elysium, a Second Life paradise like no other, where every backer becomes a citizen, enjoying their own home, free usage venues and an regular captivating live events

Check my Youtube - Intro Video (Second Life Channel)
>>> Check this event comments for updates on Elysium

What will We accomplish ?

A Second Life paradise island where anyone can run events and projects 100% free, something usually complex and expensive in Second Life

A place to get together by Avatar presence, for live concerts, parties, meetings, amenities and where every backer gets a tropical resort home

Elysium opens on 1 SIM (Full Private Region) and, as more supporters show up, can expand into an interconnected archipelago

Example of previous creation - Ibiza in Second Life

Example of Live Concert run by Me -


My Story for Elysium

I always dreamt on using my deep passion and long experience in virtual worlds, since 2007, to bring people together, promoting friendship, freedom and fun

Second Life, a fully fledged long established Metaverse, offers all online resources we need for inclusivity, engagement and even business, with no crypto

What your RSVP gets you ?

A free oceanfront home with 1280 sqm, private beach and ocean and 700 Prims, for 6 months with no costs + free access to big lands/prims where you can run your own events/projects + permanent permissions to enjoy all Elysium features as a full citizen and not just as guest

Second Life Metaverse access is 100% free and easy to use - Account/Avatar Creation (here) and Viewer download (here)


Why 100€ to develop Elysium ?

There are monthly costs to have land (server) and create and run a virtual world in Second Life (content, performers, etc)

I will build environments, infrastructures, release wildlife, fun activity spots, organize weekly events and help with all community management

You will be free to come anytime, run your private resort home, meet new people, enjoy all amenities and events, or organize any type of events, all with no extra costs


Why more than 12 RSVPs ?

Because Elysium can be expanded into 2 SIMs together (24 Citizens) and 3 SIMs (36) or 4 SIMs (48)

Elysium Island Style

Check the pictures at the gallery below, as samples of my paradise building style


Community Infrastructures

- Big Events Plaza (Free Expos, Fairs, Concerts)

- Big Ocean Club (Free Parties, DJs, Shows)

- Big Amphitheatre (Free Meets, Conferences, Classes)

- Ocean area for events in platforms or big boats

- Bungalows Rows (Free Homes with beach & oceanfront)


Funding Goal
Minimum 500€ / Donated so far = 70€ (430€ to Go)

Refund Policy
If by November 15th we have less than 500€, all contributions are fully refunded, via Paypal, until November 30th


What happens after the 6 month ?

You can leave or stay and start paying rent for your home, but only half the regular price (700Ls instead of 1.500Ls)

Homes rentals will ensure Elysium pays all its expenses (SIM and Events)

Who is Carlos Loff = Avatar "Loff Auer"

Portuguese Mobile - (+351) 910710142

Reviews to Carlos Loff

Since 2007 in SL as: leading experienced builder, event organizer, project developer and community manager

YouTube Second Life Channel

Airbnb Metaverse Classes

Geographer since 1998, by Lisbon Uni

11 years in Quercus - Environment Awareness

10 years in Lisbon City Hall - Environment Awareness

Photography Teacher since 2008 in Lisbon

13 Year Photography Workshops

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