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2018 is the year of the Distributed Web 🙌🏽 🌐

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We are back in 2018 with another IPFS Lisbon Meetup. It is going to be a good time to check-in with the community, update everyone on the progress of the project and also introduce new endeavours that got developed in 2017.

This will be an informal event, some talks to get everyone up to speed and then we will have some nibbles and drinks so that we can continue the conversation as long as we want.

# New to IPFS (

IPFS is a distributed file system that removed Location out of the Information equation and enables every device to serve the network its data, it makes data discovery distributed. IPFS is a protocol to upgrade the Web, to make it safer, work offline, be censorship resistant and also make it faster.

IPFS is a fully Open Source and MIT Licensed project with over 2000 contributors

# Agenda

- IPFS 101 and Progress Update by David Dias
- What are Conflict Free Replicated Data Types and how you use them to build Distributed Applications like PeerPad ( by Pedro Teixeira.
- Hypercerts - Publish and validate verifiable claims on news articles using IPFS and Ethereum by João Santos.
- Noise, a a JSON full text and ad-hoc query engine with example-based query syntax by Volker Mische.

# Location

The Block cafe, Lisboa


# Important to know

IPFS is a very large community of contributors from all over the world and we believe that people can do their best work and be their best selves in an environment that is friendly, safe, and accepting; free from intimidation or harassment. We ask you to read and respect the Code of Conduct that has been established