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Lisp Life Lessons; An evening with Kent Pitman

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Kent will discuss his personal journey as a Lisp user and his involvement in design of various dialects, highlighting some of the interesting issues, technical and non-technical, that came up along the way, and the solutions they sought to address them. A sense of community, and commitment to that community, was central to a lot of that. And with that in mind, he will discuss the life lessons he took away from that experience.

Kent M. Pitman was chair of the ad hoc group (part of X3J13) that designed the Common Lisp Error and Condition System and is author of the proposal document that was ultimately adopted, and many papers on Lisp programming and computer programming in general.

The primary output of X3J13 was an American National Standard for the programming language Common Lisp (X3.226/1994), approved December 8, 1994. X3J13 later worked with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) working group SC22/WG16 on an internationally standardised dialect of Lisp named ISLISP.

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