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Meet fellow photographers from, in, & around Lancaster County to take photos, learn about photography, talk gear & software, swap tips/ techniques, share images, & have fun doing it!
As of January 1, 2022, our dues are $20 per year (payable each Dec); if you join during the year, dues will be prorated. Paying dues allows you to attend any and all events for no additional fee (other than a possible entry fee into a facility we’d visit on a photowalk).
People new to the group may attend two events for free before being expected to pay dues, with the exception of certain special events that cost the group a fee.
Non-paying members may also attend events for a fee as noted on each event’s Meetup page.
If you have a question about the group, email lncphotogroup@gmail.com.

Upcoming events (3)

Image Review: Your Choice

Where you live

Join us for a Zoom meeting where we have a friendly discussion of each others’ images. The idea is to expand your photographic experience, but if you don't want to submit photos, you may join us anyway to share your comments or to just listen and learn. This time, there is no theme; just share up to 3 images that you are proud of, need help with, or just want to share.

1. Photo(s) should be taken from now until Wednesday, January 26.
2. You may submit up to 3 images. Rename the files to BEGIN with a NUMBER, then your initials. Example: Lynn Garwood’s would be 1lg, 2lg, 3lg. Number them according to the one you want discussed first (1), second (2), and third (3) in case we don’t have time to get through all of them.
3. Image files may be in any format other than raw & sized to at least 2400 px on the longest side.
4. Send photos to [masked] by Wednesday, January 26 at 9 PM.

During the review, we’ll all be able to give accolades then possibly constructive suggestions about how we think the photo could have been made stronger and had more impact. No attacks or negative comments!

When receiving comments, consider what is said, take what resonates, and ask about anything you don’t understand. Remember that everyone has a different opinion and you are the artist, however those with more experience can help you progress in your photographic journey.

After the meeting, please post your photos to this event’s Photo Album. If someone made a comment about something you could do to improve a photo that you agreed with, you may make the change before uploading to the album.

I’ll send the Zoom meeting information to everyone who RSVPs “Yes” the evening before the event as well as post it to the event page an hour before the meetup begins.

Hands-on Macro: Postponed from 1/13

The Bachman Center

Let's try this again!
It's time for something hands-on! After a brief presentation to explain the best practices, guidelines, & equipment for doing macro images, we’ll head to the tables to get some practice and make some images.
Be sure to bring your camera and a macro lens if you have one. A tripod is also a good idea to ensure sharp shots.
We'll have small objects to work with, but feel free to bring anything you'd like to share (small toys, cheap jewelry, flowers...). Some of us will have some macro equipment to share so you can try it out. If you have any portable lighting, bring that along as well.
This is a great opportunity to try macro if you've never done it or just to practice if you have some experience with it.
Remember that masks are required since we’re meeting in a health care facility.
Since I have no idea what the Covid situation will be in February, be sure to check this page to make sure we're having this event.

Washington DC: A Photographer’s Paradise with David Luria

Where you live

According to David Luria, Washington, DC, is a photographer’s paradise. This presentation is designed to give us ideas on where to go and what to shoot on our next visit to the nation’s capital.

David will share dozens of images of well-known, lesser-known, and unknown sites that provide many hours of joy to the photographer, with an explanation of where, when, and how the photos were taken, saving us time we might have spent checking out locales and camera angles. He’ll also answer any questions that may come up during the talk, such as tripod regulations and permit requirements.

Having lived in the DC area for 50 years, Mr. Luria claims he knows where all the pictures are to be had. In fact, he’s made a business out of showing people how to use their cameras in all the best places: check out www.washingtonphotosafari.com.

His message to us is, “Hey, your taxes have paid for this place! Come and enjoy it! It’s yours to capture in your camera!”

This will be a Zoom meeting at home (or wherever you want to be), however, if Covid abates by then, we’ll have the Zoom presentation at the Bachman Center to watch together on the big screen if you want to venture out; we’ll have a discussion about it afterward. We’ll decide on the venue a week or so before & post it here.

If you’re a paid member, you’re all set! If you’re not, you’ll need to pay $5 via PayPal to attend.

BTW, the image above was taken 28 years ago with a $40 point & shoot. Just goes to show that you don’t need fancy equipment to get good shots.

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