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• What we'll do We are a friendly bunch of people that chats about crazy ideas, helps each other run their businesses or get started with creating one. We are also tossing around crazy ideas every now and then like that one time where we wanted to buy a barge and convert it to a floating co-working space - we may do that at some space so make sure you ask us about it. Swing by if you want to pitch an idea, need help with anything businessy or just want to meet people because you are new in town or coming through. Every now and then we have a speaker so if you feel like you want to share something feel free to have a chat to us and we will drum up an audience :) • What to bring • Important to know

Prince Albert

113 Nile Street · Nelson

What we're about is about enabling founders and those who want to become founders to realise their dreams and make them reality. We are a group pf people who run businesses and help each other become more successful. is helping to run a number of meetups and constantly works on new events that we can bring to local communities to grow a better founder fabric that is more resilient and more robust.

Oh, and we are about having fun, sharing stories, helping each other and making sure no one feels inadequate. If you are not sure if this is for you, swing by, check it out and let us know how we could make the events more relevant to you.

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