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We decide as a group what to read/discuss. We read one book per month (or try, anyway). We meet up in Logan Square(with exceptions).  No themes, no restrictions on membership -- anyone is welcome (even if you don't live near the Logan Square neighborhood). You in???
Q: I noticed that I started having to pay $2 for each scheduled meetup. Why is that?
A: Meetup is not free for us to maintain! The $2 membership fee makes sure that your RSVP is valid and you're committed to the group. 

Q: I noticed that this group meeting is not being held in Logan Square this month. What's the point of calling it the Logan Square Bookclub?
A: This group has been going on since Spring of 2012. While some of our beloved veteran members have moved away to Michigan, North Carolina, New York, etc. some of our other loving veterans have decided to stay more local to Chicago but outside of Logan Square. Occasionally they will kindly host in their homes as they love their book club and it's fun to get you out of the neighborhood and explore other parts of the city. Some of these neighborhoods include Pilsen, Uptown, Edgewater, Humboldt Park, etc. If this commute is too far for you from Logan Square, it's purely understood that you can't make it, but we ask that you respect the generosity of the non-Logan Square hosts during certain months. 
Q: Where the heck is this meeting this month?! 
A: Leadership always circulates the address the week of the meetup (M, T or W), so if you haven't RSVP'd 'YES' to the meetup a few days before the event, chances are you didn't get the email. Please privately message one of the leaders and they will get you your information. 
Q: What should I bring?
A: Usually the host always supplies a bottle of wine and some minimal snacks, but we highly encourage people BYOS (snacks) to share with the group. Recently (Sept 2016) dues have been suggested to contribute if possible. $1-2 per month via, or a cash jar at each meeting. 
Q: Can I host? 
A: Yes, please! Throw your hand up at the end of each discussion when we're planning next months book and meetup. 

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