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Perspectives - London Philosophy Event - Free to Attend (Open Discussion + Pub)

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Andrew Christopher D.
Perspectives - London Philosophy Event - Free to Attend (Open Discussion + Pub)


Hi join us at this weeks Philosophy event, as we get together to discuss a few trending topics, provoke an exchange of ideas - and get talking points out in the open.
Its a space to have fun, meet new people and understand a bit more about everything!
We have an open and spacious venue all booked for the event. (The Pavilion, - St Paul's.) There are plenty of tables & chairs, as well as artwork within the venue that we will be able to enjoy. :)
Perspectives is a regular weekly event, 7-late, bringing you debates, current affairs, focus groups, - and more! - Come and hammer out the issues.
A hang out at the bar follows, so kick back and enjoy a few drinks with London's Artisans, Bohemians & Philosopher-types. :)
You don't need to have a background in philosophy to join. The group is open to anyone interested in talking about ideas.
How it works:
We choose the discussion topics together on the night. You're able to participate by voting for which debates you like most.
(- You can also sit back & enjoy the conversation, if your just getting used to the process. :)
No prior reading or experience necessary - just an open-mind.
The group splits into smaller groups once everyone has decided which topics interest them, before we move on to the bar, to socialise & get to know other members.
Everyone is welcome to suggest topics.
7.30-9pm - Friendly open format discussion
9-12.30pm - Enjoy kicking back at the bar @ this week's LAC event.

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