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Uniqlo Tate-Modern Friday Late - Free to Attend (Gallery + Pub)

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Andrew Christopher D.
Uniqlo Tate-Modern Friday Late - Free to Attend (Gallery + Pub)


On the last Friday of every month, Tate Modern hosts exhibitions, pop-up talks, artistic activities, and hands-on workshops!

The Tate Late's are a space to enjoy music, talks and cultural experiences. The event is free to attend.

Google: "Uniqlo Tate Late's," for this month's lineup.



7.15 :

Group meets to attend Tate's monthly display.
(Grab a brochure when you enter. There are maps & guides for the event.)

9-12 :

The group progress to a nearby bar.

Being on London's South Bank, you can pull up a stool at a bar overlooking the City of London. Get to know London's Bohemians, culture seekers, & artisans as we discuss the art on display at the exhibition.



7.00 :

If your early, swing by the "TURBINE ENTRANCE" on the 0 floor. There is a gift store on the left and a long slope to walk down.

If you enter from the Blavatnik or the River facing Entrance, - you need to go down a level.

7.15 :

If you are a few minutes late, don't worry, at 7-7.15, attendee's are introduced to each other, @ the Turbine entrance on Floor 0. (Ground floor.)

Here we introduce, make acquaintances, and choose which events to head off to.


Get your bearings by scrolling down to the photos section below and look at the map.

There is a red circle over the meeting point.

Send a message in comments or via WhatsApp and I will update you with groups location.


Extra Info :

Keep an eye on the comments. I will post our new location every time we change area.

Maps are available at reception.

My number will be displayed in the comments section, on the evening of events.

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London Arts & Culture Group
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