What we're about

We are mostly about cocktails & their associated bars - a bar's reputation, location, style, ambience, amongst other things, all add to our experience of the cocktail. We do sometimes attach an event e.g. theatre/exhibition etc but that's an excuse to be in the area ;p

As a member you will visit bars a variety of bars - from the well known to new on the scene, hotel to speakeasy den to 'dive' - each with their own unique, sometimes iconic, style, and carefully chosen range of cocktails. You will also see some of the capital's best mixologists in action and meet lovely new people (i.e. the group).

At least once a month we'll visit a different bar - we'll tend to go for those which garner favourable reviews in the trade press, rather than the usual chains or similar. The quality of the drinks and service will generally be reflected in the higher prices charged. Now that the group is established, we will also try to revisit popular spots.

Bars may operate a strict door policy and require guests to adhere to a dress code - smart casual is generally a good bet for anywhere. Some operate a no reservations policy. For these reasons, entry cannot always be guaranteed. Most venues are welcoming - I will give a heads up for any special arrangements.............

As many of the bars will have a fairly intimate setting, the number of attendees at an event may be kept small to respect this - it may depend on how fast you click but more when you see it in relation to an event being announced (''.) Very large groups are also difficult to engage with because you can easily divide into cliques!

Finally, I want feedback - photos of events, opinions on the message boards etc!

I encourage you to suggest places and even test them first; actually going there is the true test!! FYI, the Organizer is a research scientist!!

NOTE, in the "More" section is a bit called "files". This is where the MS Excel I created lives - A tab lists where we've BEEN/when/USP/ # attendees/opinion

A tab of where the group WANT to try (whether I've been & opinion)

A tab with a list of International Bars

If this sounds like the group for you, then please join us.

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