• Discover FPG’s Free & Comprehensive 1-to-1 Personal Development Program

    👋 Welcome to Foundation For Personal Growth. Where meaningful connection and measurable growth happen.

    Chris & Zach are pleased to present to those seeking to grow, an all-new FPG meeting that will be running every Sunday at 7 pm UK time as part of our Free Start-To-Finish 1-to-1 Personal Growth Program.

    🚀 The Eight Actions Of FPG is a complete personal development program designed to help people develop their outlook and ability to be able to face challenges, overcome them and thrive in life.

    🏔️ If you’ve been struggling with finding your alignment with your life goals, struggling to find connection, or struggling to advance into the version of yourself you’d prefer to be, then you need this program because it will help you build a solid foundation underneath you from which you can make breakthroughs happen in your life and have a positive impact on the lives of those around you.

    ✨ Feeling a sense of belonging and purpose in a supportive community
    ✨ Developing your personal purpose and direction in life
    ✨ Transforming your self-image to allow you to find a deeper level of empowerment, commitment and satisfaction in life.
    ✨ Building discipline in forming new supportive habits and overcoming unpreferred ones
    ✨ Improving your personal relationships
    ✨ Developing a more helpful and constructive worldview
    ✨ Developing a stronger state of self-empowerment
    ✨ Improving states of mental and emotional health
    ✨ Finding a deeper sense of fulfilment and meaning in life through being of service to others
    ✨ Clarity in your needed actions that lead you into the future you prefer

    …ALL offered with FREE 1-to-1 sponsorship guidance service!

    Come along to the meeting to find out more about the program and see if it’s right for YOU!

    Meeting Itinerary:
    ✅ 18:50 Meeting open
    ✅ 19:00 Start - Welcome & Introduction
    ✅ 19:05 Short Meditation
    ✅ 19:15 FPG Study Session & Q&A
    ✅ 19:55 Break
    ✅ 20:00 Expert Talk
    ✅ 20:10 *Sharing, Optional Feedback & Q&A
    ✅ 20:55 FPG Info & Resources
    ✅ 21:00 Discussion and Sharing Contacts
    *Sharing is not mandatory