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Welcome to London Gong. The Gong Bath Meditation specialist.

This is a group for Gong Bath, Sound Baths & Healing relaxation nights in London and Bushey Heath Hertfordshire near Stanmore

We are London Gong - http://www.londongong.co.uk/ #londongong #londongongbaths

We offer Gong Bath Meditation in Central London West End, Camden Town and other popup locations across London including Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

Gong Baths in Walthamstow coming soon....

We offer:Events that nurture Mind, Body and Soul

To de-stress, time out, relax, meditate, receive healing and enjoy the power of the sound waves which enhance the relaxed state.

Come along and experience this treat for mind, body and soul.

The only requirement from you is to relax and enjoy. Our Sound Bath nights are just perfect after a hard day in the office, YOU time, time to just BE whilst soaking up the beautiful healing waves.

Gong Baths - a Stressbuster

Gong and Sound baths are known to have positive effects on the symptoms of stress. Perfect to help anyone who is suffering from anxiety and/or stress related illnesses.

Gong sound can be used to re-balance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It has a profound affect on our cardiovascular, autonomic, endocrine and immune systems. It is an excellent therapy for stress related issues, depression, fatigue, anger and hostility, feelings of separation, loneliness, and fear along with many other conditions related to lack of balance and harmony in the body

Main Facilitator - Odette Kurland ( Gong Master, Reiki Master )

Odette has been working with Energy Healing for many years. A Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitator, Spiritual Healer, Gong master and shamanic practitioner and Laughter Yoga Teacher. She trained with teachers from the UK and abroad and has followed a spiritual path for over 30 year. Her teachers include Sheila Whittaker and Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux, Abby delSol and Tom Soltron.

Hot off the press! New Gong Bath Studio in Kennington South London for private small group gong baths by appointment. (Max 10 participants)

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For a fill list of our services please visit our website at http://www.londongong.co.uk/

We cater for private group bookings at home, a venue of your choosing or in the office!

Please contact us if you have any questions at all or wish to make a private booking.

Upcoming events (2)

Gong Bath Meditation in Bushey Heath Hertfordshire Friday

St Andrews Methodist Church


London Gong in Bushey Heath Hertfordshire

Join us for a super relaxing one hour blissful gong bath meditation in Bushey Heath.

No experience required as the gongs and other therapeutic instruments do all the work!

Friday evening gong baths in Bushey with Odette

Ideal for Stanmore, Harrow, Watford and Edgware with 258 and 142 bus route and a small car park at the rear of the church and a public carpark across the road.

Full info and booking at https://www.londongong.co.uk/gong-bath-schedule-london/

Candlelit Gong Bath meditation Camden Town London

The Upper Room


Release, Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate with a healing gong and sound journey in London Camden Town.

Candlelit with aromatherapy infused candles and oils.

Newbies welcome 😃

To book and for full info https://www.londongong.co.uk/gong-bath-schedule-london/

What's the gong bath like ?

It's like a safe, healthy, Alternative High for some, a creativity boost, a total release of stress, or just a release from your usual busy head space. Pure relaxation, and beautiful space to be in , possibly see colours or visions. A special and incredible Healing experience. Different for everyone, and even different each time!!

Fantastic for stress relief, relaxation, insomnia and more. Many people report back as having had 'the best night's sleep' after having attended.

No experience necessary. The Gongs and other instruments do all the work. All that is required is a willingness to accept and receive.

2nd Floor via stairs (no lift)

Web bookings £20
Door bookings £25 subject to availability

See our refund policy below.

Facilitator: Odette Kurland is a highly experienced Gong master Healer Practitioner, Reiki Master and Meditation Faclititator and Laughter Yoga Teacher. She has trained with various Gong teachers including the Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and Abby delSol, Tom Soltran and Sheila Whittaker.

Odette has been playing gongs since 2014 and was introduced to them a few years before that at Gaunts House in Dorset.

Pregnancy (not recommended under 3 months, due to unstable nature of any pregnancy during this first trimester)
– Tinnitus/Menieres/Epilepsy – any condition which is ‘sound sensitive’ or could be triggered by sound
– Metal Implants/pins/screws/pacemaker etc (can resonate the metal and also change rhythm of pacemaker)
Mental health condition (anyone with a serious Mental Health condition)

Feel free to contact Odette, should you have any questions.

Recent Feedback

Really great experience - relaxing, meditative and healing. I also experienced an un-blocking of creativity afterwards and felt very inspired. Other positive effects have been improved sleep, reduced pain & good dreams!

It is a very enjoyable experience, relaxing and definitely healing! I have a back injury that requires seeing my Osteopath regularly, she has been unwell in the last couple of months and turns out my now regular Gong baths are helping immensely! Thank you Odette

Awesome. I felt wrapped in warmth and love with the past present and future merged as one. A great way to connect mind body and spirit, with the universe. I would highly recommend this as a treat to yourself. It beats the buzz of so many things. Wouldn’t it be great if we had Gong Bath meditations at work? I would highly recommend London Gong.

"The gong bath was a wonderful experience - the candles, the venue and feeling totally immersed in the sounds from the gongs. It was amazing and looking forward to another one. Feeling renewed and refreshed. "

"my husband who battles to have a full night’s sleep - slept brilliantly last night!! Hurrah :-)"... [Read more]

Please bring Mat/Warm Blanket/Cushion and Water and warm socks. This is important for your comfort and warmth.


Ideally please arrive 5 minutes before the start which will give you ample time to register, settle in, take a few deep breaths allowing for a gentle transition from your journey to the gong space. We will observe a silence before the start. Late entry is not possible. If you are late, please do not buzz.

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Candlelit Gong Bath meditation Camden Town London

The Upper Room


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