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Gong Bath Meditation Saturday 27th October London
Gong Bath Meditation and Sound Journey 27th October London - Camden Town To book please visit our website Web bookings £15 Door bookings £20 subject to avialability Release, Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate with a healing gong and sound journey in London, Camden Town. What's it like ? It's like a safe, healthy, Alternative High for some, a creativity boost, a total release of stress, or just a release from your usual busy head space. Pure relaxation, and beautiful space to be in , possibly see colours or visions. A special and incredible Healing experience. Different for everyone, and even different each time!! Fantastic for stress relief, relaxation, insomnia and more. Many people report back as having had 'the best night's sleep' after having attended. No experience necessary. The Gongs and other instruments do all the work. All that is required is a willingness to accept and receive. What to Bring Please bring Mat/Blanket/Cushion and Water. This is important for your comfort and warmth. Seriously please PLEASE it's your experience, don't rock up without a mat!!! If you need a Mat I have just a few at the venue and they can be reserved in advance on a first come basis. Arrivals Ideally please arrive for 6.20pm which will give you ample time to register, settle in, take a few deep breaths allowing for a gentle transition from your journey to the gong space. We will observe a silence before the start. Please do not arrive earlier than 6.15pm as we are prepping the room or later than 6.25pm as we require 5 minutes to register you in and settle down. At 6.25pm we will lock the doors. DO NOT BUZZ, you will not get in and you will disturb the session. See our refund policy below. Facilitator: Odette Kurland is a Gong Healer Practitioner, Reiki Master and Meditation Faclititator and Laughter Yoga Teacher. She has trained with various Gong teachers including Don Conreaux, Abby delSol, Tom Soltran and Sheila Whittaker. Precautions Pregnancy (not recommended under 3 months, due to unstable nature of any pregnancy during this first trimester) – Tinnitus/Menieres/Epilepsy – any condition which is ‘sound sensitive’ or could be triggered by sound – Metal Implants/pins/screws/pacemaker etc (can resonate the metal and also change rhythm of pacemaker) Mental health condition (anyone with a serious Mental Health condition) Feel free to contact Odette, should you have any questions. Refund Policy Sorry no refunds. However if you can no longer make it, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend. Please informs us by email at least 12 hours in advance of the name change for our register. Please note due to the nature of the event, late admittance is not an option and PLEASE do not BUZZ to get in if you are too late. This causes a disturbance to the entire group.

The Upper Room

8 Greenland St, Camden Town, · London


What we're about

This is a group for Gong Bath, Sound Baths & Healing relaxation nights.

We are London Gong - #londongong #londongongbaths

We offer:Events that nurture Mind, Body and Soul

To de-stress, time out, relax, meditate, receive healing and enjoy the power of the sound waves which enhance the relaxed state.

Come along and experience this treat for mind, body and soul.

The only requirement from you is to relax and enjoy. Our Sound Bath nights are just perfect after a hard day in the office, YOU time, time to just BE whilst soaking up the beautiful healing waves.

Gong Baths - a Stressbuster

Gong and Sound baths are known to have positive effects on the symptoms of stress. Perfect to help anyone who is suffering from anxiety and/or stress related illnesses.

Gong sound can be used to re-balance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It has a profound affect on our cardiovascular, autonomic, endocrine and immune systems. It is an excellent therapy for stress related issues, depression, fatigue, anger and hostility, feelings of separation, loneliness, and fear along with many other conditions related to lack of balance and harmony in the body

Main Facilitator - Odette Kurland ( Gong Master, Reiki Master )

Odette has been working with Energy Healing for many years. A Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitator, Spiritual Healer, Gong master and shamanic practitioner. She trained with teachers from the UK and abroad and has followed a spiritual path for over 30 year. Her teachers include Sheila Whittaker and Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux, Abby delSol and Tom Soltron.

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We cater for private group bookings at home, a venue of your choosing or in the office!

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