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Having looked for a quilting group for a while now, I thought that I would see if I could start one! I will not arrange a meetup until we have the members and the interest to make it work. It would be helpful for anyone to comment on the group how they would like the group to run.

I am intending to hire a small space (as long as attendees are happy to share the cost) for a couple of hours one weekend a month. The group would be for anyone that wanted to bring their project and do some work on it. I will be able to bring one iron & ironing board, but will need everyone else to bring their own tools including sewing machines.

I will look for a venue (likely East London) with tables, power sockets and will be happy to bring along tea & coffee, milk, vegan options and I am sure that we can find a way to supply cake!

I am a new quilter and self taught. I would love some more experienced people to join the group as I definitely need pointers. I would like to create a collaborative quilting circle. Please feel free to discuss on the group page and show your interest.

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