London Scala Open Source Saturday

London Scala Users' Group
London Scala Users' Group
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Join us for a virtual London Scala Open Source Saturday!

Come and meet up with fellow contributors and maintainers to hack on their projects.

First time contributors are especially welcome to help improve to the brand new LSUG website, written in ScalaJS. Whether you're new to GitHub or Scala, we'll help you get your first taste of open source.

You can support the Scala ecosystem by contributing to a variety of open source projects, including:

- scala/scala with Chris Birchall
- cats-retry with Chris Birchall
- scala-typed-holes with Chris Birchall
- scalajs with Sébastien Doeraene
- A wealth of issues in the Typelevel Ecosystem
- http4s
- and many more!

We'll gather together to briefly explain projects, motivations and good first issues.

You can then choose an issue you wish to tackle, and speak to the maintainer for more guidance. If you're experience lines up and you're keen on the project, the hacking begins!

You'll start coding your solution, teaming up with others if you wish to. Experienced contributors will be on hand to pair with you, and where possible maintainers will review your PRs as they come. Let's try and merge as many PRs as possible!