What we're about

The London Woofters is a friendly bunch of LGBT+ Londoners, their dogs and people who just like going for walks around London parks (with dogs).

We're a small community of people who enjoy getting out and chatting whilst our dogs get some exercise and get to know each other. We're still a small group, so everything is quite informal, with walks being organised by our members. We've organised walks in a number of parks across London so feel free to propose one in your local park!

If you have a dog, or just enjoy walking with dogs, then feel free to sign up and come along.


Please note that although we don't ask you for money for these walks, we do incur costs (such as the fees for Meetup). If you enjoy our walks, we ask that you contribute something towards these costs via our PayPal page: https://paypal.me/pools/c/899EbXX5FU Thanks! :)


* Who's welcome?
We welcome any and all people! This is an LGBT+ dog walking group but we're happy for anyone on the spectrum of sexuality to come along.

* Where do you meet?
The location varies but it's almost always at one of the larger parks in London.

* How often do you meet?
We try to meet up monthly but it doesn't always work out that way.

* I can't see any upcoming walks listed...
If something isn't listed then please feel free to reach out and suggest a park near you!

* Do I need to bring anything?
Just your usual dog paraphernalia: water, poo bags, etc.

* How do I get to the walk?
This will vary depending on the location but almost all of us come by public transport, so they are always by some form of train/tube station.

* Do you have a phone number in case I can't find you?
We have a WhatsApp group. If you message one of the group admins with your number they'll add you.

* Can I park at the venues?
Depends on the venue but this isn't something we can help with beyond pointing you towards Google Maps.

* How far are/long do the walks last?
Usually 2ish hours of constant walking. Maybe 5km?

* What do you do after?
Usually we go to the pub or (if it's warm) have a picnic.

* Do you do anything other than walk dogs?
Yup: we've been to the cinema and had some parties and picnics... but it's mostly about the walks.

* Do I have to have a dog to come along?
The focus of the group is for dog owners.

* My dog is aggressive, can I come?
No sorry. We prefer only friendly and well socialised dogs.

* My dog is on heat, can I come?
No sorry. Please wait until her season is over - it's just not fair on her or the other dogs.

* My dog is a small/large/etc breed, can I come?
We have dogs of all shapes and sizes. As long as they are able to walk a reasonable distance (or you are able to carry them) then they are welcome to come along.

* My dog is still a puppy, can I come?
Yes. We have dogs of all age ranges (and sizes), and it can be a good way to socialise your puppy.

* Can I bring my children?
Yes. But please be aware that there are usually a large number of dogs and we would expect you to ensure your child is safe and happy.

* I'm disabled, can I come?
Yes. But please be aware that we are walking around parks and cannot guarantee access. We'll obviously try to accommodate you where possible but foot paths aren't always wheelchair friendly.

* Does it cost anything?
We don't charge to walk with us but if you enjoy the group we would appreciate a contribution towards the Meetup fees. :)

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