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What we’re about

Welcome to the Creators Write Club!
Everybody Writes!

We've met weekly (apart from the 2020/21 COVID lockdowns) since 2014.

What is the Creators Write Club?
Write Club is where you can write anything from a book chapter to a work email to a song or comedy script.

People write academic papers, podcast show notes, pitches, film documentaries, social media posts and project plans and poems.

Who comes to the Creators Write Club?
Every week authors, freelancers, artists, academics, comedians, gamers, marketers, bloggers, developers, podcasters, event managers, musicians, poets, lawyers and sailors gather around a table with one goal - to work on their writing for two hours.

How does the Creators Write Club work?
Come and be ready to share what you intend to work on in the session.

We'll all write for around two hours and check in again at the end, so share our progress.

That sounds scary?!
We make an extra effort to make sure everyone feels welcome and can do their work.
You only need to share what you are comfortable with sharing.

This group has always been relaxed, open and supportive.