What we're about


This is a group for everyone willing to connect with Bulgarians living, studying or visiting in London. We started this group to meet up with other Bulgarians or their friends/partners in London, learn about their life in this great city, share migrant experience and ideas for successful integration in the UK, and make our free time enjoyable.

Our mission is to connect Bulgarians with London and Londoners. For this purpose we organise events (city walks mainly) and run the blog http://bulgariansinlondon.com

Email: bulgariansinlondon@gmail.com

Site in Bulgarian: Разходки из Лондон (http://bulgariansinlondon.com).

Twitter: @walklikeahuman

Instagram: london4bulgarians

Facebook: Разходки из Лондон (http://facebook.com/bulgarianwalkers)

Hashtag: #BGinLDN

Group Admins: Dessy and Boyko. More about us: Мисия (в) Лондон (http://www.capital.bg/light/neshta/2015/05/14/2532065_misiia_v_london/).


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