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Capitalism: What is it good for?

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In October we explored economic pluralism ( This time we'll hear and pull apart the moral argument for capitalism; specifically, objectivism.

With the current state of politics, lively small group debate is an effective way to shape your own stance - or find your own views evolve.


Dr. Andrew Bernstein ( will lay down the argument with his talk "The Moral Basis of Capitalism".

He is a proponent of Ayn Rand's Objectivism, an author, and a professor of philosophy.

Relevant to this talk, you can check out his book: The Capitalist Manifesto (


6:30 - Doors open (to the lovely Tea House Theatre**, 4 mins from Vauxhall Station)

7:00 - Talk: "The Moral Basis For Capitalism"

7:40 - Q&A (the question with the most interest will be what we debate after the break)

8:00 - Break (tea, cake and booze are available)

8:20 - Group debate (we'll break into groups of six or so)

9:00 - End (there's a pub 30 seconds away if you want to continue your conversations)

**We'll have the place to ourselves - it can fit 60 of us


This talk opens by doing what is rarely done in political discourse: It provides rigorous definitions of such key concepts as capitalism, socialism, mixed economy, and others.

See some of you there!