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Welcome to the London Spirituality Meetup Group - a grassroots collective of individuals passionate about exploring our spirituality, meeting other open-hearted people and serving humanity and planet.

We come together in the spirit of Joy, Empowerment, Freedom, Spiritual Growth and Expansion. We have organically become the largest spiritual Meetup Group in the World!

Whatever your beliefs are, you are welcome here. Whether you are brand new to spirituality and consciousness or a seasoned explorer, atheist or a curious agnostic, this is an open space of exploration and experience. We have a philosophy where all paths are sacred and help us collectively evolve our inner and outer Consciousness.

Join us, and allow us to join you on your path. It’s time to make a difference, to bring happiness and joy into our own lives and be the change for others to find their own love, strength and inner power.

Taking Spirituality forward by bringing it back to the people

Love from us all!

Namaste <3

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*FREE* Nature Walk & Meditation: Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Station

Come along and spend a beautiful day in nature and with the London Spirituality Meet-up Group soul family. Gentle Walk through Wimbledon Common, Group Meditation, meeting other beautiful souls and more. Come and spend a day with nature & make friends! Everyone is welcome :) Please note this event is weather permitting (stay tuned to the comment section) Plan for the Afternoon We will take a walk from Wimbledon station to Wimbledon Common (approx 15 mins). Once inside we will walk through and explore the vibrant nature. Here, pausing for a Group meditation and peaceful time to absorb the healing energies of nature. There will be various exercises in connecting to yourself and the land. Please arrive by 12.45pm as we will be leaving at 1pm from the station. • Please have Full Breakfast/Lunch before arriving. Please bring • Comfortable/Walking shoes • Something to sit on if you require (for our meditation) • Snacks: Something to share with others if you wish • Water • Rain jacket (just in case) There are toilets throughout the park. Meeting Point Outside Wimbledon Station. Weather We will update weather in the comments. (This event will not run if there is persistent rain forecast for the day) LCS Facilitators This Nature Walk is led by Jean-Paul We will be holding many more of these in various areas across London and Greater London. We look forward to seeing you there! <3 ~~~~~~~ More from us: GLASTONBURY RETREAT : 4TH & 5TH APRIL 2020 MOUNT SHASTA RETREAT, CALIFORNIA, USA: 18TH - 23RD SEPTEMBER http://www.shastaexperience.com

Divine Light Attunement - Savitri Sriharan

Healing Residence


This high level attunement has been brought down to allow a radical transformation of the Soul. It is designed to bring you out of the illusion where you are a limited being and into the true reality where you are an Infinite Divine Being of the Light. This attunement activates the energetic body on the cellular level. This attunement is for those who wish to discover their Divine path, their Spiritual mission and begin to incorporate their higher energies into this physical space – to live as a multidimensional being. It has been known to, and can lead to: Spiritual Transformation on a very deep level, initiating radical changes in one’s personal life Activation of your Light Body to match your new vibrational frequency Opening oneself up to Universal Consciousness & Wisdom Clearing one’s path to manifest and materialise one’s Divine Higher Purpose Integrating the Soul to perform from a place of non-duality, transcending fear. All main chakras within the human physical vessel are also activated, including Zeal Point, Soul Star, Earth Star. Massive increase in Intuitive Abilities Massive increase in sensitivity of your Energetic Body A Deeper Sense of Knowing of why and how your current experiences have been manifested Dramatic changes in your external reality Connection to a much higher and deeper reality {TO BOOK ATTUNEMENT, PLEASE CLICK HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/divine-light-attunement-savitri-sriharan-registration-91452844921 } Testimonials "I had experienced reiki attunements a few years previously and so thought that I would experience a similar feeling. This is so much more than an attunement. Savitri's gifts shine through in these Divine attunements. I felt wrapped in calm and colourful arrays of energy throughout my body and left feeling happy, relaxed and light. Since the atunements I have been much more sensitive to my own and others emotions, a much greater sense of direction in my life, a calmness and have been told that I have a 'glow' about me. I have and will recommend this experience to others." Neil, Deputy Head Teacher, East London Your Facilitator: Savitri Sriharan, LCS Reiki Master Savitri Sriharan, a former medical professional at St. Mary's Medical Hospital in London and subsequent Maths and English tutor, had a powerful spiritual awakening in 2000. Since then, she has rapidly developed a unique connection to Spirit, allowing her to initiate remarkable healing sessions with clients as well as numerous visionary, auditory and sensory experiences. She welcomes all to experience the energy she is able to channel in her sessions. Savitri is trained in Usui Reiki & Tera Mai Reiki. She also trained personally with Eastern-based chakra techniques with Martin Brofman. Savitri also specialises in balancing children, especially those who have been labelled as hyperactive, ADHD and autistic - giving these children a much-needed calming of their deeper sensory energetic systems. Savitri has worked at LCS for over a decade attuning over 800 of LCS to Reiki, awakening their inner gift of Healing. www.savirama.com

LCS Group Healing Night - All Welcome

Latvian Welfare Fund


Our Healing Nights are a divine gateway to reconnect with your Soul, awaken inner peace, love, joy, warmth, centredness and spiritual connection. It is a place for all to come and experience energy healing and we often have participants who are completely new to energy healing alongside those that come back to relax, revitalise and tune in to the inner peace we receive from this experience. Come along and join many others in the heart of London as we provide a beautiful sacred sanctuary for you to experience direct spiritual healing from our certified and trained energy healers who offer their time and skills in service. Group energy is incredibly powerful as it amplifies the healing experience and this is why these healing nights have been so popular running for over 8 years in London! PRICING AND BOOKING Please note this is a small healing night - Maximum 40 participants only. We highly recommend booking online. Online Price £10 On the Door £12 (cash only) Concessions: £5 (Limited: We have 7 spaces kept aside for concessions. First come first served basis). Bring proof (senior, benefits) CLICK HERE TO BOOK: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lcs-group-healing-night-all-welcome-registration-95256806673 { This is a non-profit event, run entirely by volunteers, from organisers to healers. All profits go to charity; We will inform you on the evening the specific cause } NOTE TO HEALERS (those giving healing) This event is run by LCS sourced Healers. If you want to register, please click here: https://forms.gle/YbFVzos9C6QVKih5A NOTE TO PARTICIPANTS (those receiving healing) If this is your first time ever experiencing healing/energy, it is a very gentle yet powerful form of relaxation. It is felt as heat that emanates from the practitioner's hands into your body, travelling through the various layers of your energetic system: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This energy carries the frequency of Unconditional Love and is known to move to transmute blockages, pains, life issues - into light, wisdom and truth. • The evening begins with an introduction to energy healing to answer any questions you may have which is followed by a short meditation to help you relax • Healers are invited to start where a healer approaches, stands behind you and gently touches your shoulder to let you know they are beginning the healing. • Healers use hands on or hands off technique, both just as powerful. They gently direct healing energy into your body, which travels where it's needed. •The healer will gently touch your shoulders when they have finished (sessions ranging 3 -5 mins). There are multiple healers moving around the room. • All you have to do is simply close your eyes and relax! There is no need to try and clear your mind - simply open yourself to receiving. Take note of your thoughts, feelings (if you like) and enjoy the experience of inner re-alignment to your natural state of Love. • If you are not directly receiving healing from a healer, please sit back and relax in the group healing energy that accumulates in the room. It is extremely powerful and if you have never meditated before, you will find it easier to relax in this peaceful ambiance. • We close the healing with a short meditation. MEMBER COMMENTS from previous Healing Nights "Wonderful- thank you to the hosts and healers for their time and lovely energy." "Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening. Healers were amazing. Beautiful experience. Xxx" "An amazing evening - thank you so much for creating the container for this to manifest such healing vibrations. I feel reborn!"

Intuitive Awakening through Art - Adya Nova

Number 63


In this playshop you will have the space to awaken your Intuition through the Inner Child creative expression and Guided Meditations. INTUITION Our intuition is the foundation of our Spiritual Being. A built in navigation system that many of us have forgotten how to fully utilise. It’s always operating in our life, yet we can become more aware of the way it is pointing and surrender into it. It is always guiding us towards growth, joy and self-realisation. Often we resist these gentle whispers of our intuition or are unable to differentiate them. Whether you have never painted before or are a seasonal artist, your Inner Child will help you to break down your beliefs or doubts about your skills or insecurities, and open you to the healing and soothing frequency of Joy. INTUITION THROUGH ART Art is very powerful at allowing you to access and unlock your innate intuition as it works beyond the mind, often symbolically indicating to our unconscious patterns and emotions. By exercising your intuitive “muscle” in creative ways, you can access a greater flow in life, letting go of control, have deeper trust in yourself and surrender to your Souls calling. Our intuition and the Inner Child have a direct link. They weave a golden thread of light that binds our Souls calling and the intuitive path towards it. THE INNER CHILD The Inner Child Energy is playful, forgiving, expressive and without inhibitions. It allows us to be in the moment and relax into non-resistance. Our Inner Child is the opposite energy of perfectionism. It’s truly the biggest creator within us! The Inner Child knows no boundaries and will break down the walls and barriers we have built to protect us from the world. It is simultaneously silly and wise. It opens the gateway to our Soul through Joy, Colour and Magic! The frequency of Joy is the way Spirit communicates with us. So it’s truly vital for our health and well-being! All materials are provided. No previous artistic experience required! Limited spaces. Please book in advance so I know the quantity of materials needed. I look forward to creating with you intuitively <3 PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE £25 Early Bird (+ Eventbrite Fees) £30 Advanced (+ Eventbrite Fees) REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/intuitive-awakening-through-art-adya-nova-tickets-94700992217 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * YOUR FACILITATOR - ADYA NOVA Adya is an Intuitive Channel, Visionary Artist, Energy Healer (Reiki Master and Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator) and Mentor. She works with the mystical nature of Source energy and metaphysical aspects of reality. Adya is a guide and a catalyst assisting people towards their spiritual path and evolution. She believes in the importance of expressing authenticity and vulnerability in our lives and falling in love with our Human Nature (the light and the dark). Art & Personalised Spirit Guide Paintings: www.adyanova.com Spiritual Retreats: www.sacredjourneys.earth

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