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Welcome to the London Spirituality Meetup Group - a grassroots collective of individuals passionate about exploring our spirituality, meeting other open-hearted people and serving humanity and planet. LSMG is held by the team running London College of Spirituality (http://www.londoncollegeofspirituality.co.uk), housing all of our powerful, transformative Experiences & Workshops! LSMG is all about COMMUNITY

We come together in the spirit of Joy, Empowerment, Freedom, Spiritual Growth and Expansion. We have organically become the largest spiritual Meetup Group in the World!

Whatever your beliefs are, you are welcome here. Whether you are brand new to spirituality and consciousness or a seasoned explorer, atheist or a curious agnostic, this is an open space of exploration and experience. We have a philosophy where all paths are sacred and help us collectively evolve our inner and outer Consciousness.

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR ALL OUR UPCOMING EVENTS: https://www.londoncollegeofspirituality.co.uk/events (https://www.meetup.com/londonspirituality/events/)

Join us, and allow us to join you on your path. It’s time to make a difference, to bring happiness and joy into our own lives and be the change for others to find their own love, strength and inner power.

Taking Spirituality forward by bringing it back to the people

Love from us all!

Namaste <3

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Divine I AM Transmission (Healing & Expansion) - Vaz Sriharan

We have entered a new era of consciousness where healing & growth has transformed, and so has our ability to work with higher consciousness and energies. Transmissions are exceptionally powerful Group Healing Sessions. For many these have led to phenomenal shifts in Self Awareness, Relationship Healing, Confidence, Spiritual Connection, Synchronicities, Clarity, Realisations and Inner Peace. --------- WHY ATTEND A SESSION? Imagine Healing whilst having a Direct Experience with the Divine? ❀ S H E D limiting beliefs, patterns, karmic cycles, dense energies, repressed/suppressed emotions - in a beautiful way. ❀ S H A D O W - H E A L I N G - As we face our shadow (what we dislike about ourselves) - with Loving Presence, we allow it to 'Come to Light' ~ the Light of your Consciousness. Here profound shifts occurs. ❀ E X P A N S I O N - O F - C O N S C I O U S N E S S - Whatever you feel about your Spiritual Connection - EVERYBODY has the same connection. Transmissions greatly assist you in strengthening your connection to your Guides, Spirit and your Inner Source of Love, Power, Wisdom. Listen to this 4 minute audio to learn more about how Transmissions work, by Vaz: https://soundcloud.com/vazsriharan/explaining-divine-i-am-transmissions --------- WHAT HAPPENS IN THE SESSION? Throughout the Transmission itself you will be laying down on the Yoga Mats provided - having your eyes closed and receive! Vaz will channel the energies & speak throughout. The energies can be quite tangible and many feel a physical shower of light and elevation into bliss. During this time, the mind will begin to settle and the transformational journey begins. PRICING AND BOOKING The full price for this experience is £25 (available to pre-pay or pay on the door) Concessions are £20 (available to pay on the door). Book your online ticket here: Divine I AM Transmission - Vaz Sriharan (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/divine-i-am-transmission-healing-expansion-vaz-sriharan-registration-54442641406) Yoga Mats available. NEW LOCATION! Location & Directions: Light Centre Monument ----------- TESTIMONIALS "Thanks Vaz for a lovely session I came in with a mind full of worries and left feeling more positive and more intuned with myself" S, London "Thank you so much Vaz for a beautiful session. You facilitate events with so much love and pure presence. I felt loved, safe and supported on entering the room, such beautiful energies! Thank you <3 xxx" L, London "These trasmissions are my Big Trigger that reveals where I am in my journey and what I still have to work on :) too grateful for words <3" S, London "Words cannot describe how I felt, it's the closest I have come to oneness and I'm still feeling it today. I'm humbled and truly grateful Vaz - Thank you xxx" C, London --------- YOUR FACILITATOR: VAZ SRIHARAN Vaz works as an Intuitive Channel, continuously evolving his connection through inner spiritual development, growth and exploration. He has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. He has been working with, exploring and practicing energy healing for nearly 20 years and is passionate about continuously evolving the way we work. Today he works in a number of fields from healing to community work. Founder of the London College of Spirituality and author of Infinite Being. For Spiritual Growth eCourse; Infinite Being book and free articles, please visit www.vazsriharan.com Blessings and Love on your sacred journey

Sacred Site Ceremonies & Ley Line Activations - Vaz Sriharan & Meg Benedicte

GLASTONBURY, AVEBURY, STONEHENGE APRIL 2019 Join Meg Benedicte and Vaz Sriharan for Sacred Ceremonies and Ley Line Activations in Spring 2019. We are gathering together a powerful group of Light Bearers and Gridworkers in England just in time for Beltane on May 1st, 2019. Connect to the sacred Michael/Mary Ley Lines and fulfil your destiny as a divine conduit of the Magdelene lineage. We are offering two Tour Packages from London, UK: Weekender Package: Travel from London to Glastonbury to participate in Sacred Ceremonies and Ley LIne Activations at the Tor, Abbey, and Chalice Well. Leave London Friday evening on April 26th and return Sunday evening, April 28th. Package Fee $200 US Dollars. Does not include flight and lodgings. 5 Day Package: Travel from London to Glastonbury to participate in Sacred Ceremonies and Ley LIne Activations at the Tor, Abbey, Chalice Well and surrounding area, plus Beltane celebration at Stonehenge and Avebury. Leave London Friday evening on April 26th and return Wednesday evening, May 1st. Package Fee $500 US Dollars. Does not include flight and lodgings. BOOK HERE: https://newearthcentral.com/events/uk-sacred-ceremony-packages/ LEAVING LONDON HEATHROW at 6pm on 26th April RETURNING TO LONDON HEATHROW by 8pm on 1st May If you have any questions, contact us at [masked]. We will meet in London, UK on Friday, April 26th. Details will be sent prior to the trip. Please reserve a room in Glastonbury as soon as you register…https://www.booking.com/city/gb/glastonbury-aireborough.html

7 Day Alchemy Retreat (with Divine I AM Training) with Vaz Sriharan at Mt Shasta

7 DAY ALCHEMY RETREAT WITH VAZ SRIHARAN Join this life changing Alchemy Retreat at Mt Shasta, California! Led by heart-centered spiritual teacher Vaz Sriharan ❀ You are here for a reason ❀ You have gifts that can shift consciousness ❀ You are being asked to express them This 7 day Intensive utilises tried & tested techniques Vaz has brought together to guide countless souls to Embrace their Destiny. As well as Training in the Divine I AM Crystalline Grid Transmission Model of Transformational Healing. EXPLORE MORE HERE: https://sacredjourneysearth.secure.retreat.guru/program/alchemy-retreat-with-vaz-sriharan/

Open to Magic: Mt Shasta Vortex Adventure

Mt Shasta

Come to experience the Magic of Mt Shasta, and make life-long friends with this Community-based vortex adventure! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO BOOK! http://www.bit.ly/ShastaVortex2019 Held at Lake Siskiyou, Mt Shasta, California – led by heart-centered ascension guides Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova and their fun loving other worldly buddies! 🙂 Open to Magic: Mt Shasta Vortex Adventure is a hybrid between a retreat and vortex exploration – so you can have the best of both worlds. This unique space is for you to joyfully open to the Magic in life – from healing, inner love to tapping into unseen abilities, expanding your light body and strengthening your higher consciousness & connection to Source. It's going to be a fun adventure with your Tribe! Leave Radiant, with your Soul fulfilled, Luminous, a feeling of Joy, Expansion, Peace, Love, connection to the Earth, the Universe… with an exquisitely open Heart! Vaz & Adya work very intuitively, daily tuning into the group energy to provide the most authentic, loving and soul nourishing experience. Come to explore the higher & multidimensional realms, and the very Earthly human realms through: ❀ Meditation to still your Mind, Body, Soul ❀ Multidimensional Transmissions to connect with Spirit, your Guides, ❀ Higher Self, Ascended Beings, Lemuria & Telos, Star Family ❀ Creative Playshops to channel your intuition & inner child ❀ Movement Medicine to move energies through the body ❀ Hiking to explore the stunning scenery that Mt Shasta and the surrounding areas have to offer ❀ Soul Connection Games, Dance, Play, Joy, Laughter, Camp Fires ❀ Music to powerfully stir your Soul ❀ Celebration … of Life! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO BOOK! http://www.bit.ly/ShastaVortex2019 “The facilitators are the most heart centred people and welcome you so warmly and guide and support you throughout this incredible journey. The itinerary is fantastic, visiting some amazing sacred sites, as well as meditations, transmissions, campfires, star gazing, healing circles, plus so many more amazing things to see and do. But there is also plenty of time to just be, to sit still and look in awe at the majestic beauty of Mt Shasta.” – Sam, 2016 & 2018 participant

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