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Welcome to the London Spirituality Meetup Group - a grassroots collective of individuals passionate about exploring our spirituality, meeting other open-hearted people and serving humanity and planet.

We come together in the spirit of Joy, Empowerment, Freedom, Spiritual Growth and Expansion. We have organically become the largest spiritual Meetup Group in the World!

Whatever your beliefs are, you are welcome here. Whether you are brand new to spirituality and consciousness or a seasoned explorer, atheist or a curious agnostic, this is an open space of exploration and experience. We have a philosophy where all paths are sacred and help us collectively evolve our inner and outer Consciousness.

Join us, and allow us to join you on your path. It’s time to make a difference, to bring happiness and joy into our own lives and be the change for others to find their own love, strength and inner power.

Taking Spirituality forward by bringing it back to the people

Love from us all!

Namaste <3

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{FULL} Online *Certification* Divine I AM Transmission Training - Vaz

Needs a location


This Divine I AM Training takes place Remotely via connecting Online. This is given over 2 days (See timings below) The Divine I AM Transmission Model is an open, intuitive model designed and channelled by Vaz Sriharan during many years of learning, working with energy. This system allows an individual to act as a Channel to TRANSMIT energies for Healing, Transformation, Awakening, Activation. This particular training additionally allows each practitioner to develop their own unique transmission healing method. Essentially this is what it means to become an Intuitive Channel for Transmission energies - you are discovering - or re-discovering your skills as a Healer. This is a Training Experience, where you will: Be Activated through a series of Attunements, to attune your Higher Chakras, Physical Chakras, Physical Body with the Planetary Light Grids - to Channel & Transmit Frequencies for Healing, Transformation and Growth ❀ Learn How to Channel Using Intention ❀ How to Develop your own Unique Channelled Healing System ❀ Working with the Planetary Light Grid / Crystalline Grid of the Planet ❀ Reconnect to your Multidimensional Selves (Ancient Civilisation, Galactic heritage) through Activational Attunements ❀ Participate in practical work with others to develop your own unique way of channelling ❀ Ability to hold Individual or Group Transmissions energetically & with love ❀ Receive Powerful Transmission Attunements to access and channel higher frequencies of love, light for Spiritual Transformation ❀ Certification as a Divine I AM Transmission Practitioner Receive a Training Manual in Divine I AM Transmissions Practitioner Upgrade all your Healing Work in a profound ever-lasting way DISCOVER MORE ABOUT THE DIVINE I AM TRANSMISSION TRAINING HERE: https://www.vazsriharan.com/divine-i-am-training INVESTMENT *Intimate Group* Certified Divine I AM Transmission Training: £333 You may use the Eventbrite (with fees) and book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/113464134280 Alternatively you may make a bank transfer - please contact Vaz for details: [masked] DAY TIMINGS: Timings (given in UK - BST): 3pm - 5pm & 7pm - 9pm / 9.30pm each day "Everyone can heal and everyone can channel. I have been trained in multiple Transmission techniques as well as developing my own channeling system." TESTIMONIALS "Excellent delivery with unwavering respect and support for individually intuited learning within a tested framework. Highly recommended" N "Brilliant. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in connecting with/transmitting very high frequencies. This technique has a broad range of applications. Great facilitation. Vaz leads from the heart" Steve Nobel "It was an amazing experience! Vaz led me to a different dimension of spirituality. Meditation, Transmission, Healing... I now clearly know that there are no barriers among them. Thank you very much, Vaz! xxx" Y YOUR FACILITATOR: VAZ SRIHARAN Vaz works as an Intuitive Channel, continuously evolving his connection through inner spiritual development, growth and exploration. Vaz has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz channelled and created the Divine I AM Transmissions System in 2012. He works very closely with Gaia and the Planetary Grids of the Earth - the Cosmic and Earthy Connection providing a beautiful holistic and held system for Healing the Self and the Whole. Founder of Divine I AM Transmissions, Usui & Tera Mai Reiki Master, Light Grids Practitioner. Background in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Founder of the London College of Spirituality and author of Infinite Being www.vazsriharan.com

LION'S GATE - [ONLINE] Divine I AM Transmission - Vaz Sriharan

The Lions Gate 88 symbolises when the star Sirius (often seen throughout history as Earth’s Second Sun) lines up with the Earth and the Galactic Center. It is also when Sirius is said to be at its closet to Earth and lines up directly with the pyramids go Giza. The Gateway occurs in the zodiac sign of Leo, hence the name: Lions Gateway. The period lasts 8th to 12th August The Gateway symbolises essentially an opening of 'Ascension' codes. These are higher frequencies of light, coding that Sirius channels through its system to offer us a Great Awakening. Many see the Lions Gateway as our spiritual New Year or New Cycle. It is a brilliant opportunity to set intentions for the new cycle and to consciously embrace a higher octave of your destiny. --------- A PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD WEBINAR https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lions-gate-divine-i-am-transmission-webinar-vaz-sriharan-registration-113263678712 --------- A Divine I AM Transmission is a download of higher light, love, codes, wisdoms, frequencies pour into the room and layer though the four bodies - Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual. This then works to Cleanse, Bathe, Transform and Active our fields and consciousness with higher frequencies of light. These are profound spiritual experiences of immense love, pure wisdom and intelligence moving to awaken inner Soul Love. The Divine I AM Transmissions have created phenomenal transformation for thousands of people over the years. They are an invitation for souls who seek accelerated healing, strengthening of connection with the other realms and spontaneous activation of inner gifts. --------- WHY ATTEND A SESSION? Imagine Healing whilst having a Direct Experience with the Divine? Plug into the Source Field each week. ❀ S H E D limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, low vibrational energies, attachments, patterns, karmic cycles, dense energies, repressed/suppressed emotions - all in a beautiful way. ❀ S H A D O W - H E A L I N G (= Inner Child Healing / Self Love) - As we face our shadow (what we dislike about ourselves) - with Loving Presence, we allow it to 'Come to Light' ~ the Light of your Consciousness. ❀ E X P A N S I O N - O F - C O N S C I O U S N E S S (Raise your vibration) - Experience phenomenal shifts in Self Awareness, Relationship Healing, Confidence, Spiritual Connection, Synchronicities, Clarity, Realisations and Inner Peace. ----- WHAT HAPPENS IN THE REMOTE SESSION? This session is a one-way remote. You can watch in the comfort of your space and receive (you will not be seen via video or audio) Vaz will channel the energies & speak throughout. The energies can be quite tangible and many feel a physical shower of light and elevation into bliss. During this time, the mind will begin to settle and the transformational journey begins. ------ THIS IS A PAY AS YOU CAN AFFORD WEBINAR. Use the Ticket system to choose what you can afford at this time to value this exchange of healing. I am offering this to help those who are aversely affected by not going to work / earning during these times. CLICK HERE TO BOOK: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lions-gate-divine-i-am-transmission-webinar-vaz-sriharan-registration-113263678712 ------ TESTIMONIALS "These transmissions are my Big Trigger that reveals where I am in my journey and what I still have to work on :) too grateful for words <3" "Words cannot describe how I felt, it's the closest I have come to oneness and I'm still feeling it today. I'm humbled and truly grateful Vaz - Thank you xxx" "Thank you so much Vaz for a beautiful session. You facilitate events with so much love and pure presence” YOUR FACILITATOR: VAZ SRIHARAN Divine I AM Transmission Advanced Facilitator & Founder, Usui & Tera Mai Reiki Master, Light Grids Practitioner, Background in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. Founder of the London College of Spirituality and author of Infinite Being. www.vazsriharan.com

*SPECIAL* Medicine Festival 2020 ~ for People & Planet

Wasing Park

LCS has partnered with Medicine Festival 2020, who are providing an incredible experience this August ~ empowering Indigenous Tribes. As an LCS Member you have access to a special 15% DISCOUNT off tickets. Don’t miss out, come along for an epic 5 days! ~~~~~~~~ HEADLINING: Graham Hancock | Bruce Parry | Peia | Satish Kumar | Gaudi | Ayla Schaffer | & more... WISDOM KEEPERS: From traditions including the Yawanawá (Brazilian Amazon), Druidic (UK), Aboriginal (Australia), Kichwa (Ecuador), Celtic (UK), Maori (New Zealand), Hacaritama (Columbia), Buddhist, Jain, and Native American. 27th - 31st AUGUST 2020 | READING, UK MEDICINE FESTIVAL 2020 ~ All profits go to Empower Indigenous peoples, Preserve and Protect their land, traditions and wisdom. Over five days at the end of August 2020, we invite you to connect with activists, artists, thought leaders, story tellers, scientists, policy makers, innovators, healers, indigenous elders, wisdom keepers, cosmic fools, musicians and DJs to inspire and empower the deep regeneration of our hearts, our communities and our world. ~~~~~~~ Explore more here: https://medicinefestival.com/ For special 15% discounted tickets, use ticket code: LDNSPIRITxMEDICINE (10% OFF EARLY BIRD, Still on offer) ~~~~~~~ Not only do many of the remaining Indigenous peoples of the planet act as guardians and protectors of some of the last pristine remnants of the Biosphere. They still have a culture and knowledge of how to live sustainably and successfully as a part of the natural world. They have embedded in their cultures, ‘soft technologies’ that help to deal with these spiritual and cultural challenges of selfishness, greed and apathy. The requirement for their wisdom in today’s challenging, complex world is needed more than ever. Medicine Festival is a newly visioned gathering to inspire authentic connection and regeneration for people and planet. Our World is changing and we find ourselves in a time that holds both great peril and great promise. Now more than ever is the time to seek new narratives, connections, skills and understanding to rekindle the fabric of community, redefine culture, celebrate the beauty and wonder of life and help us to restore our home, this sacred Earth. Medicine invites you to come together to share the power of music and ceremony, the coherence and insights of ancestral wisdom, alongside solutions of modern technology and culture; the nourishment of food; the joy of laughter and celebration; and the inspiration of visionary thought – asking a simple question: HOW CAN WE BE THE MEDICINE? ~~~~~~~ Explore more here: https://medicinefestival.com/ For special 15% discounted tickets, use ticket code: LDNSPIRITxMEDICINE (10% OFF EARLY BIRD, Still on offer) ~~~~~~~ LCS partners with service based organisations who are committed to creating significant positive change for people & planet. For more about LCS’s Seva philosophy click here: https://www.londoncollegeofspirituality.co.uk/seva

Root Chakra Activations: Accelerated Healing with Vaz & Adya

Transformational Healing through Clearing, Harmonising & Elevation of the Root Chakra (Muladhara) through a series of Multidimensional Activations. Held by 2 Channellers: Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova. REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/113469739044 The Root Chakra governs your security, survival, trust, your relationship with money, home, job, ability to be grounded, to be present in the here and now. The Root oversees your ability to allow yourself to be nourished, in the sense of allowing your Inner Being to be satisfied. This chakra also reflects your connection with your mother, and with Mother Earth. How you feel about being on the earth. Connection with your physical body. We will work with vibrational frequencies of our Idealised Root Chakra and the Planetary Root Chakra (Mt Shasta, California / Uluru, Australia). Our activational process allows for the Root Chakra to essentially upgrade, as it accesses the higher frequencies and possibilities of living from a multi-dimensional Root Chakra. This signifies the transition from 3D reality to higher dimensional planes of living, where in this case the Root Chakra's abilities are expanded and upgraded to access the unseen realms of magic, miracles, synchronicity, manifestation and divine support. This session is open to all, regardless of previous spiritual knowledge/training. Our lower three chakras are often ignored yet critical to living in spiritual harmony with our human existence. These Activations channel pure light frequencies of Wisdom, Love, Healing which act as powerful catalysts for transformation - rebirthing your Root Chakra as a brilliant radiant red sun. Session Outline ❀ Channelled Teaching: Survival - The Root Chakra and it's deeper role in our Spiritual Development & Multidimensional Journey. Understanding polarities of this chakra. ❀ Root Chakra Rebirth: Chanting (LAM) & Activational Commands, Breathing Release & Shadow Integration. Working with the Higher Consciousness and Shadow Side to subconsciously reprogram polarised Root Chakra beliefs with Balanced ones. (info on imbalances in Eventbrite regsitration link) ❀ Root Chakra Divine I AM Transmission Focused Release/Cleanse Transmission for Root Chakra Imbalanced patterns and associated Physical Counterparts holding emotions. Planetary Root Chakra Transmission & Activations (Mt Shasta, California / Uluru, Australia) Activating the trans-personal aspects of this chakra as we connect with Gaia's own Root Chakra. Opening to Divine Worth, Divine Support, Divine Connection, Divine Roots. Multi-Level Expansion. The Transmissions consist of Channelled Energy via the Planetary Grid. We will be working with Ascended Beings of Light, your Soul Family and your Higher Self throughout this process. REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/113469739044 HOW THIS SESSION WILL WORK This will be a LIVE Zoom Webinar, which will be view only. You will be sent details of the Webinar following your registration. This is a pay what you can afford webinar, please choose from the available options to signify what you are able to invest in your development towards this process.

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[ONLINE] Divine I AM Transmission - Vaz Sriharan

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