Sacred Love ~ Language of the Heart - Vaz Sriharan

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Sacred Love

❤ Language of the Heart ❤

facilitated by Vaz Sriharan

This is an evening of Integrating Higher Wisdoms and Sharing, Connecting to our Spirit and Energetic Transmissions. These weekly classes are to awaken the eternal source of Sacred Love that resides within each of us. This reservoir of divine love offers us unlimited Wisdom, Creativity, Guidance, Power.

Each Week we will be focusing on a specific theme that is related to the current energies we are experiencing. This evening will include a Heart Chakra Transmission.

During these classes, you will experience:

Integrating Spiritual wisdoms of Higher Love Connecting to our Spirit through Sacred Visualisation and Deeper Experience Energy Group Clearing Anchoring new codes through an Energetic Transmission

This is an empowering class, where you will be encouraged to discover your own answers through direct experience, all leading to Soul Growth. Allowing you to bring balance to your life, peace to your soul and awaken your deeper connection to Spirit.

Through Guided Visualisation we will journey into our Subconscious to discover what our Soul is trying to communicate to us. Through Sacred connection we develop and strengthen our link to the Beautiful Divine, allowing for the incredible assistance that already exists around us - Bringing this into each day of our lives.

Through Group Clearing we will release energetic codes, beliefs, patterns within our bodies. And through the Transmission we will bring in higher wisdoms, energies for us to integrate into our lives. Energies directly from our Divine Higher Self and Universal Wisdom.


"A truly uplifting evening...I was so full of love and empowerment afterwards. Thank you Vaz for the beautiful - you truly harnessed the energy of everyone in the room and created an amazing space for us all to connect in. Can't wait for the next one. xx" Claire

"This was brilliant..presented in a down to earth way that I found easy to understand..many well described, clear and logical perspectives that I had forgotten about for a while ! thanks Vaz x" Janey

Vaz Sriharan

Vaz is an Intuitive Channel, Reiki Master & Light Grids Practitioner (trained with Damien Wynne in Austria 2012). Vaz emerged from years of depression using channelling of higher love philosophies. He now works to assist others to see the eternal Divinity within them.

Vaz developed his gifts from a young child, harnessing them into his work. He works with planetary and star energies in his work and has abilities of seeing intentions, deep core beliefs and thought patterns within individuals - allowing for clarity on why we act the way we do, where it comes from and where to focus our healing. Vaz has travelled to many of the planet's sacred power spots, including Mount Shasta, Cuzco, Chichen Itza, Sedona, Kauai, Ojai, Tara, Glastonbury, Byron Bay, Koh Phangan.

Founder and Director of the London College of Spirituality ( and author of Infinite Being ( For free articles on spiritual growth, please visit: