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Chalking the Horse 02022

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Christopher D.
Chalking the Horse 02022


Our Fifth annual Horse Chalking.

Date & Time
The day for this gathering is set: Monday 24th July 02023.

Chalking takes place from 10am until 4pm, after which we will walk to a nearby pub for drinks and food. Whichever pub we go with this year, hopefully the taxi arrangements will be simpler than in 02022!

The exact plan for getting there and back will be confirmed how many of us are coming and from which directions. It is likely that (as in previous years) a group will travel by train from London Paddington to Swindon.
For those arriving by car, parking is available at the White Horse Hill site.

Please RSVP, saying if you are coming to/from London (and if not, where you are coming from).
In the past our numbers have been limited to 25 (including children old enough to wield a chalking hammer).
Likeminded and interested new members are welcome. Please join the Meetup group and send me a message for confirmation.


Since summer 02019 a group from Long Now London has travelled to Oxfordshire to spend a day "chalking the horse" at Uffington. Our intent is to do this every year, helping the National Trust maintain this 3,000 year old geoglyph much as it has been maintained throughout its existence.

Drone footage of our first chalking day is here:
(thanks, Peter Landers)

A Long Now piece about that visit can be found here:
(thanks, Ahmed Khabil)

Photo of Long Now London group
Long Now London
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