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The group where everyone becomes an organiser!

Simply use Meet-up's "Create event" feature what you have planned or what you are looking for when you do not know who to call. If your event has limited places (e.g., table booking at a restaurant), do not forget to cap attendance and close RSVPs as soon as you are sorted!


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Communication: By all means, please feel free to stick to whichever communication method/s with which you feel most comfortable. However, please communicate transparently at all times. This means letting the person know if you are no longer able to attend so that they are not left waiting and wondering at the agreed meeting place/time.

"Busy": The word "busy" is banned. It's too vague and doesn't really convey any meaningful information...This is to eliminate ambiguity! Please substitute this noncept with any of the following words:"booked" / "engaged" / "occupied" / "unavailable" / "working" / "out of town/country" / "otherwise indisposed" etc., or specify reason.

No Block Posting of Series/Repeat Events: If you're a promoter or organise another meet-up group, please run it past admin before posting.

No Phantoms, Jokers or Flag Wavers: What are flag wavers? People who propagate something - whether it be an action, belief, event, idea, opportunity, thought, need or deed - and then disappear or don't follow it through.

No Posting of Bios/Selfies: This group is specifically for plan-oriented (What/When/Where) posts, not for general introductions. Do feel free to PM members but please don't post bios/selfies. Use the form provided.

No Repeat Posting: Please stick to the format and post only once per proposal.

Transparency: Please update your event once sorted. Simply close RSVPs. Please do not delete your event.



Meetup groups are not free to run and cost £180 over the course of a year. I've put a link below (Paypal) where you give a one-off donation of £10 (or any amount) to help out. The group will always remain free so there is no obligation but it would be greatly appreciated. The link works on both desktops and smartphones.


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