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What we’re about

FPV Drone RACERS are dedicated to advancing the exciting sports of Aerial FPV Racing.

Our Mission, "To Prepare Future Aviation, Aerospace and Drone Racing Professionals, Today".

A collaborative of community organizations involved in all aspects of aerospace hosting a range of exhibits such as airplane construction techniques, flight simulators, and safe use of, and precision racing of drones among others.

FPV Drone Racing is partnered with the Shades of Blue, California Chapter for its aircraft and drone flight training programs.

Founded by airline pilots, aerospace scientists, engineers and technologists, entrepreneurs and educators for the express purpose of increasing the numbers of underserved student populations interested in pursuing academic disciplines and careers in mathematics, aviation, aerospace sciences, engineering, technology and allied science disciplines.

We fly everything ... Space Shuttles, Boeing 777's, Cessna aircraft, and yes .... drones! So come join us! Get in the game and in the business!

FPV Drone Racers requires you to be 18 years or older to join this group, or if you are a minor we welcome you to join us along with your parents,.... besides, it's much more fun with the family anyway!